UK PM Gordon Brown nose continues Blair policies

Gordon Brown has met the Bush-Cheney team and it is to be more of the same. Despite some empty rhetoric about world poverty and rethinking British role in Iraq, Brown has deliberately refused to order British withdrawal from Iraq.

Instead, Bush and Brown are ordering United Nations troops into Sudan, 26,000 of them in total at a cost of $2 billion dollars a year. What a miserable and stupid way to spend money which could have gone to improve the lives of the Sudanese instead of policing them. Yes, but that would not have increased imperial control over the region.

Gordon Brown is showing herself to be the Hillary Clinton equivalent for Great Britain, which is a lesson about how liberalism everywhere is nothing much more than a pillar and cornerstone of Empire. A lot of hope was put in getting Blair out of office as is the case in the US with the hope that change will come with merely getting Bush out of the presidency. The Democrats offer no more than the Labor Party has offered with Brown. Just more of the same.

If you are for an end to US imperialism running the world, it will take more than elections of liberals to get it done. Liberalism just does the run around but the Empire is kept running. Those who hope for change are just conned.

2 thoughts on “UK PM Gordon Brown nose continues Blair policies

  1. According to Yahell news today, Brown has said that British troops won’t be staying in Iraq, especially just out of a sense of solidarity with the American idea that “we broke it, we own it”.

    They also officially pulled the last British troops out of Northern Ireland today.

    And the Scots are still campaigning for secession.

  2. Yes, Brown is mumbling about British troops being still in Iraq, but that’s about all he’s doing. And it’s not very convincing. The Democrats have been mumbling for some time and that’s not very convincing either.

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