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Crime versus American Football – Where in the Hell are the police?

Oh American pro football! What warlock/ warlike glory! Gotta root for the home team we all do! But what if it degenerates down into criminal activity, where would the police be?

Well now we have the answer…. They will be totally ABSENT from the scene of the crime, although they seem to have hundreds of millions to fight the Free Speech Rights of participants in Occupy Wall Street and all its local spinoffs. Here we have the case of New Orleans, and its police… NFL suspends New Orleans Saints coaches, GM for 'bounties' on opponents

Notice what’s missing from this piece of reporting? Why it’s the lack of any action taken by the New Orleans police! Here we have the NFL taking action but we see no action taken by the police. Why is that?

Engaging in a criminal conspiracy that organizes group activities by people all trying to severely injure and maybe even kill other people is a crime, New Orleans police. It’s a crime, Barack Obama Administration and FBI. The participants in this type of CRIME if found guilty by a jury, should receive many years in prison, but that can’t happen if the police and government simply sit back and do nothing. So where in the Hell are the police? The fact that this criminal activity occurred during ‘football season’ is no reason for the police to not bring criminal charges against the authors of this criminal conspiracy!

This incident from American pro football illustrates the depths of degeneracy that American society has allowed itself to be pulled down into. It shows us all that it is way past time to start demanding real policing and not just an American military and police State. It’s time that Americans demand that it’s police POLICE, and not merely harass the poor and those trying to voice opposition to Big Business and Big Business dictatorship in America. It’s time that Americans begin to demand that the military also defend the country, and not just occupy foreign countries while committing multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is way past time to begin to do what we must begin to do!

Prohibition is Stupid- there is something wrong with the law

McMarijuana‘Nearly half of all Americans say they have tried marijuana. That makes them criminals in the eyes of the law. Luckily, not all of them have been found out – but when one is grateful that most law-breakers go undetected, there is something wrong with the law.’
YES, there is something wrong with the law, when the law is made by elites to deliberately criminalize millions of poor people so as to further brutalize them.

See Financial Times columnist Clive Crook (good name!) writing about Prohibition- A criminally stupid war on drugs in the US

When elites do something as overtly and obviously dysfunctionally stupid as promoting Prohibition and a ‘War on Drugs’ then there is almost always a covert reason for why they are doing it, too. Same is true with all their other war making policies.

When a ‘Global War on Terrorism’ produces more terrorism than it eliminates yet the elites keep on pushing it, then there is a covert reason for doing that, too. What would those covert reasons be? Begging the elites to stop it because their overt reasons don’t add up right just will not succeed. They continue to do what they are doing for hidden reasons, and often even hidden from themselves reasons as well.

One of those hidden reasons is that what the program is really about is building a security apparatus to protect themselves, and not really to be used against drug spread and terrorism spread. They simply need a society blindly following authoritarian orders that are used to keep themselves, the elites, in power. Consider these ‘wars’ as excuses to build a security structure around themselves. It is a welfare program for the building of a group of security ‘servants’ for the top dogs. It is a program to make the lower classes of society more miserable and therefore more demoralized and self-destructive. Demoralized and self-destructive people are less able to rebel when there is military, courts, and police around every corner of their lives.