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What Does Democracy Look Like? Not likely the Old Testament Thank You

I attended Occupy Denver's forum "What Does Democracy Look Like?" this weekend to hear activist scholars of considerable repute throw in their two cents. The first day was a splendid gathering, except where a curated discussion of intentional community lapsed into theology. Yes, a distillation of mostly white reform literature (Fanon was dismissed as wayward) yielded three steps for The Way Forward: Egypt, Exodus and the Promised Land. Yep. 39306

Little to celebrate in the liberals’ pyrrhic election victory this week

A Pyrrhic victory for the Democratic Party tied liberals was slimly gained this past Tuesday in the presidential race. In the race against the weakest Republican candidate presidential imaginable, the great liberal hope, Right Wing centrist Barack Obama, was given another 4 more long years to work with Republicans in destroying hope for the ordinary working (or increasingly not working as it is) American. Let's now take a brief look at what the liberal side of the divide got for the nation as they squeaked out a 'victory' by about 1,500,000 votes? In short, they got themselves an Obomber who will be saying, 'Let's all work together' as the Republican Party Rightists put their nasty obscene hands around the American people's collective throats trying to choke us all to death with their austerity programs for all that is not funding yet more and more police and military state power! War on, Droneland USA. The increasingly zombified liberals are getting for us all more Republican power and not less of it!

Yet a fourth term of Clintonism? Why US liberalism is bankrupt and without any bailout that would work for it

The Democratic Party has reduced our supposed US corporate financed and run 'democracy' down over the last quarter of a century down to whether we are all led by our throats to another 4 years of Country Bush and sons, or 4 more years of Slick Family Clinton, or not? That's it. That's what you get for 'leadership'. You will be persuaded one way or the other by corporate advertising to choose Pepsi or Coke, depending on which image pulls your heart strings the most? Gurgle-Gurgle..... Gasp!!!!!! 'Your Vote' doesn't really get counted when it is left to Pepsi and Coke to do the count. 37140

The Democrats ‘stimulus’ package aggravates the economic disaster instead of fixing it

....... It really is too much to see all those liberals getting on the Republicans' case for their opposition to the Democratic Party's economic 'bailout' plans. Barack's giveaways to the rich corporate sectors do not alleviate the economic collapse but just pile on to it. So do liberals really want to be left holding the bag and later get blamed by the Republicans for helping pass these government give outs to all the wrong folk built on increasing the Federal debt? 6417

Liberals cry out for ‘Regulation!’

Democratic party-tied websites are spouting much the same analysis of the current economic crisis, which is simply that in their point of view, capitalism is great, it just needs 'regulation.' Give us a break, People! 4838

America’s liberal ‘Peace Community’ remains apathetically pro-war

America's liberal 'Peace Community' remains apathetically pro-war, which explains why most are planning to vote for Pro-war candidate, Barack Obama. Far from being non-mainstream Americans 'liberals', are just as pro-war as their Republican counterparts are despite some occassional bleatings about 'Peace' in the abstract, and temper tantrums that the US has not won the invasion and occupation of Iraq just quite yet. 4037

The Democrats will change things?

As the US government has used taxpayers money to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, many liberals have seen this as only yet another sign of Republican Party perfidy. But look at Barney Frank, Democrat for a second. His job is Chair of the Financial Services panel since the Democrats took the leadership of the House in 2007. What's he been up to during this bailout sale of US Treasury dollars? 3802

Not in My Name

Hello, I participated in the most incredibly diverse rally in front of the United Nations at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Here are my remarks: 3376

Stokely Carmichael on liberal pitfalls

Most liberals are naive to other thinking or to the insightful speeches of the socialist black activists of the 60's. Stokely Carmichael saw the powerlessness of the liberal that other moderate Negro leaders wouldn't attempt or couldn't see. 2674

Bleeding Hearted Liberals running small check-list businesses make my heart bleed

All around America there are bleeding hearted liberals running small businesses... small social service businesses. As a general rule, too, liberals don't run businesses very well. They're too damn dumbly soft and sweet, that's why. So we can begin to understand why all these 'reform groups' (like the local area's Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission.. for just one example) don't make much profit for the people they claim to be serving (even as they keep them out in droves from their social advocacy groups, run as small 'businesses'). 2687