US government thanks Guantanamo prisoners for having themselves tortured- Have a good life!

It really takes the cake, does it not? The US government broke all international laws, tortured numerous innocent Prisoners of War for 4-5 years, and then releases these innocents without a note to anybody! Not even a ‘Good bye, So sorry’!

What a lawless goon squad we have for a government! See Ten Saudi Guantanamo inmates free

I wouldn’t look to see much of this story soon in the local Right Wing rag. They always pretend to be against big government and then back it all the way. That’s the calling card of The Gazette troop of editorial nitwits.

They love the suppression of individual freedoms and the War to Promote Terrorism. Anything to support big business and ‘defense’ contracting. A little torture here and there on innocent POWs bothers them not the least.

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