3 thoughts on “What fashionable Italians wear to America

  1. Vogue Italia’s fashion burlesque of America, plus the other post by Eriic about the Nazis in Norway, ‘Neocon Regalia’, certainly capture the emotional makeup of America’s power elite. They are sadists who hate whom they think of as being the weak. And basically sadists think of the weak as being theirs for the taking, and feel only contempt for whom they abuse.

    Women are weak, and the weak are effiminate.

    Ths attitude is pretty much standard for class elites everywhere, whether they are urban Guatemalans abusing their indegena in the countryside, Brits mocking the supposedly smaller penises of the men from the Indian subcontinent (see recent BBC ‘news’ item), Israelis stealing Palestinian lands and properties, 19th century Southerners with their ‘Negro’ slaves on the plantations, and today’s White Americans history of murdering and racially abusing Native Americans, Africans, Muslims, Asians, Latinos and all others that have suffered, and are suffering, under their Empire’s control. And of course, The Nazis who are the prototypical macho strutters of the recent past.

    Lina Wertmuller, Italian director of the film ‘Swept Away’ had it right cinematically and politically about this hierarchy of abuse in the above film.

    Men of upper class holding property
    Women of upper class ‘protected’ by above
    Men of lower class doing the grunt work
    Lower class women rasing the next generation of grunts
    Children (grunts in training mainly)

    The abuse flows top down when we are divided by classes based on economic privilege. And always to the men on top, it is imperative to get one’s ‘own’ woman/ women in line. Vogue Italia styles it up some in cynical manner.

  2. This Vogue Italia spread is a commentary about the trial of 26 CIA agents in Milan that has received next to no press coverage in the US. In cooperation with the Italian secret service of fascist like, ex prsident Silvio Berlusconi, the two groups teamed up to kidnap and send off to be tortured in Egypt, a Muslim imam. Oh, and by way of Germany, too! So this trial by a great prosecutor, is a trial in a way of the German, Italian, and American governments for all 3 acting like the police states they are becoming.

    An interesting side note, is in how the CIA actually got ‘frequent flyer miles’ while transporting victims to other countries to be tortured! And stayed in luxury hotels with your tax dollars. I hear that the food is good in Italy.

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