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Cost to attend NYC climate march: $$. Landing an anti-capitalism message in a capitalist magazine: priceless.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- A lot of people took our picture at Sunday’s People’s Climate March, our anti-capitalist banner expressed a popular undercurrent to the greener NGO themes, although many handmade posters singled out Capitalism as the root of climate change. As the 400,000 STRONG march dispersed on 11th Avenue, Vogue Magazine photographer Peter van Agtmael captured this approximate moment for a spread on Vogue.com. Occupiers tire of the admonition “wear a suit” but it proved fruitful this weekend: my suit was interviewed by MSNBC (twice), Washington Post, Irish Times, Salon, Slate, and more, with great photos on USA Today, Vice, and CNN.

Sarah Palin’s Victorian Secrets

Sarah Palin on Vogue coverSarah Palin spent $148 at two different Victoria’s Secret locations in Philadelphia and Cincinnati in the last weeks of her Vice Presidential campaign! The buys were listed under the heading of “campaign accessories.” That’s one hot and sexy Momma there! I wonder if she shops at Fredericks of Hollywood too? All one can really say is, “Move over Monica Lewinsky! Sarah Palin’s got her thong on now!” Despite earlier furor, Palin shopping continued… GOP spent $4,383 at Saks, $34,384 for makeup artist in race’s final weeks