Kill Bush

Kill Bush! Kill, kill, kill. Let’s do it, Julia. In case people don’t know by now, Julia is a 14 year old school girl in California who had posted a photo of Bush with the words ‘Kill Bush’ onto her My Place website. Despite the fact that months went by and Bush had visited her city twice during that time unprotected from Julia, all of a sudden the Secret Service came by. Two big beefy ones, too. Julia had posted this material when she was 13 years old, so their visit was not exactly that of a speedy response team. And it seems that despite the Zillions already spent on Homeland Security bureaucracy, that nationally we still got basically what New Orleans has… which is A Confederacy of Dunces on the security job. So just who called the cops?

Well, we personally don’t know the answer on that one. No doubt, some self righteous super zealot of the Right, since they are all crawling out of the woodwork these days. We got the self-hating red diaper baby, David Horowitz, outing liberal professors all around the country. We got the racist Anglo ‘Minutemen’ calling up cops with info about people not speaking America’s official language, English without acent…. as they compare themselves to Neighborhood Watch, chuckle as you will. And Barnes and Noble has stacks of the excremental works of Bill O’Reilly as you go in. He’s watching you, American liberals! And we got lynch mobs here in Colorado trying to hang Ward Churchill from a pole. If they can’t do that, they’ll probably send him a blanket with small pox on it. And we got the airport security branch of the US military waging war everywhere on our behalf at the airports. Of course, they do do a little collateral damage from time to time. But heck, if you don’t like the gated community called America, then get out, ay?

Just 4 months ago, my high school buddy who I had lost contact with for years and I, reestablished a correspondence. But it got torpedoed for me when he got on the case against a University of Texas prof, an international specialist in lizards, no less! My friend was aghast that this evilutionist expert, Professor Eric Pianka, had just said in a university talk that bacteria deserved to live, whereas mankind really didn’t, since our species was working night and day to destroy the planet. Good Lord, what a crime!

MY high school buddy had heard about it on the Drudge Report. And they had heard about it from some Southern Baptist scientists (yes, unbelievable, isn’t it?) who had called the government alleging that Pianka was advocating biological warfare! And they had called all their Intelligent Design friends, and Drudge, too. So, Homerland Security again went to work. You see, they take our security quite seriously, so they marched out to the Univ of Texas to check out this liberal terrorist. And they examined, under a microscope, all his words of wisdom ever uttered about evolution and lizards. Clear it was, that this non-Creationist had a greater love for lizards and bacteria than he did for humankind. Yet he had not started a biological warfare lab at the U.

Well, in short, both Professor Eric Pianka and Julia remain free. After all, America doesn’t burn witches yet. But Homeland Security does take reports from an alert citizenry, and that’s a citizenry full of finks, evidently. And they do take seriously any jokes at the airport about bombs. We may even begin to see signs saying that ‘This School is a Gun Free School’ posted at our kindergardens. So, Liberals, please join me in my effort to give these nice folk all something to think about.

Kill Bush. Shotgun pellet Donald Rumsfield. Deny Habeus Corpus to Alberto Gonzales. Put Condaleeza in bondage… no… I mean a ‘stress position’. Nuke Washington DC! Go after them in their bunkers, and blow the whole crew to smithereens! Please, do it now.

Liberals, start advocating violence (including the violent overthrow of America’s government) everywhere. If you can’t beat them, then join them. Oops, you do that already by voting for the Democratic Party. So try advocating violence instead. Let it out of your Gandhian souls. Kill, Kill, Kill!

Kill Bush.

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  1. But Little Julia’s MySpace page had only a picture of her with the offending words written on her head. Government search bots probably aren’t up to scanning web images. Your article and headline will be easier for them to parse and respond. Hopefully they’ll contact us in the comments instead of a personal visit.

  2. This type of writing bothers me a great deal. It would not generally be allowed by other websites, regardless of any attempt to use it as parody.

    This is just the tactic government provocateurs have used in the past on groups I belonged to, or started. I’ve been infiltrated twice, that I know of from court records, and the sabotage always starts with advocating the violent overthrow of the government.

    Yes, I know this is parody and protected speech. I also know, as do you, that it will be flagged by the NSA, FBI, and Secret Service algorithms. The problem to me is also the political use by our enemies to paint us as violent people and thus remove our credibility in opposing war.

    I think you could have written everything you said in the piece in a way that did not appear to be advocating violent revolution. I prefer the more effective credibility of a calm voice saying the same thing as far as turning over the present fascist in power.

  3. LS, I think your comments make several false assumptions. Number One which is, that Bush is a fascist. No, in fact he is the leader of the Republican Party, not a fascist party at all. We could go into that all day and all night, but there is absolutely no indication that the Republican Party is trying to establish a one party state. If this were the case that the Republicans were heading toward establishing a fascist society, we would in fact not be holding this conversation right now. They like having the Democratic Party establishment around simply because they legitimate their own power.

    Number two, agent provocateurs do not usually advocate violence. It is too crude a tactic, and one that is easily read by others. Plus, it is too damn hard to get most folk into a genuine ‘conspiracy’. Doubt that? Then just try getting most folk to show up at a peace vigil of some sort. And God forbid that they would show for an actual community demonstration against the war, one that walked from point A to point B and had a rally. In fact, agent provocateurs usually take the least controversial political positions posible inside groups. That way, they can rise up to the top faster and cause much more harm to the functioning of that group.
    So you are wrong in my book, in saying that ‘sabotage always starts with advocating the violent overthrow of the government’. Most often it does not.

    Third, parody and satire are protected free speech. And that was what I was actually doing, making fun of a government that hounds a 14 year old girl for talking loose. That too is protected free speech. If I say, in a moment of outrage, that I wish that we could go and hang up Dick Cheney by his nuts, that is the not the same as engaging in a conspiracy to actually do so. Your comments, by their nervous Nelly approach, actually encourage the government to treat loose speech as if it were actual conspiracy. It encourages the government to try to treat us all and everywhere, as if we were boarding an airplane at the airport. And of course, that is what they want to do. They want to give us the same general ambience in our houses, as they have now given us at the airports. But you can’t stop this tendency by shaking and trembling and talking about agent spies of the government being everywhere, LS. So the thrid false assumption you make, is that being timid and scared in exercising free speeech actually is the best way to defend it. Not true. People fear associating with the Left not because we come off as violent sorts, but rathether they are fearful of being vicitimized by our violent government. So that assumption on your part is false, too.

    But it is no satire nor parody to say that one wishes that the Iraqi, Colombian, and Afghanistan peoples kick the US troops out of their countries. And they will do it nonviolently, too. So am I to be treated as an ‘enemy non-combatant’, LS, because I make comments supporting their victories? Is this to be construed as advocating the violent overthrow of the US corproate dictatorship? You may not believe it, but this is all free speech, too, and you must engage in it to protect your rights to have it, use it, and YES, even to abuse it at times. Do not say that it is a conspiracyto engage in illegal acts, simply because that is false. It is not conspiracy to cheer for the defeat of US troops occupying other countries against the will of their peoples there. I support these troops coming back home immediately.

    Nothing in your comments leads me to believe that you would strongly defend our rights to having our free speech be protected. Instead, I get the sense that you might quite quickly abandon anybody that the government would come after, simply by convincing yourself in your mind that the victim had it coming to them after all. Free speech is only as strong for all of us, as it is for the weakest of us. Engage in it, please.

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