From torture to show trial: our Evil Empire conveyor belt on

President Cheney is preparing Guantanamo show trials for this year, reports the New York Times. No hangings will happen, though a frying or two appears to be on the agenda. This ought to play so very well with the rest of the world, for sure. So, isn’t American ‘democracy’ lovely they will say? And of course it is. Condaleeza sez it so. And so it is so.

Let’s see? After being held and tortured without access to either charges or lawyers, legal procedure, or rights of any kind, that is then to be followed by a cluster fuck of show trials, judgement of the POWs by the Pentagon, and then the punishment they evidently have not yet already received. Oh, I”m sorry. I meant judgement of the ‘enemy combatants’. With a title like that, I am sure they will be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Or insane. They call this a jury of one’s peers…. in Alice’s Wonderland, the USA.

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