What a parody of democrapcy the US is!

I guess after today’s antiwar vigil out at Academy and Austin Bluffs I should be hailing how great US democracy is? But you know it’s really not. It’s a charade.

Instead of feeling great that I could protest in the freezing cold while thousands drove by, I am reminded of the saying that in the US, freedom of the press belongs to those who own the press. My press was a handwritten sign, and that’s all my pennies can buy.

Democrapcy in the US is for the corporations, and not for us. The common Joe and Jane are considered to be repugnant, even. You need at least a million dollars before you can even begin to play the penny slots within the US political system. Ted Rall writes about it well in ‘How America Marginalizes Millions‘. Make that hundreds of millions, Ted. The rich rule, and the rest are fools for letting it happen.

The rich really do suck, and for most of the rest of us they make life quite miserable. Why are so many lesser off defending their own unhappiness all the time? As they drove by me I wanted to know?

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