Nigerian Episcopalian hatred leads to draconian homophobic legislation

How many times have we heard the sorry and hateful Right Wing Christian refrain, that ‘We hate the sin but love the sinner’? Much more honest would be a retort to these people, that ‘we hate the lie, and don’t particularly respect you liars’.

When the British Anglican Church appointed an openly homosexual man to be a bishop, the Nigerian Archbishop Akinola, leader of 18.5 million church sheep, decided to split the entire world Anglican Church last year. Many Episcopalians in the US used their own homophobia to follow along. So just what were they supporting?

Well it turns out, the Nigerian Archbishop was supporting new legislation in Nigeria that would throw people in prison for five years if they openly showed in any way that they were gay! What a loving example of Christianity the archbishop is, NOT.

How absolutely shameful and backward can Right Wing Christianity get? Ask Adolf and Pope Ratzinger, I guess? Though not Episcopalians, they might shed some light on where following Holy Scripture their way might ultimately lead? Not much has really changed it seems. Christian religious hatred is making a big comeback worldwide and this is sad news.

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1 Response to Nigerian Episcopalian hatred leads to draconian homophobic legislation

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    George Hanover the First was THE leader of the Anglican church, and was openly gay. He was just appointed king because he was the nearest one in the succession who wasn’t catholic.

    The Anglican church has had more murderers, adulterers, thieves, despots, and of course gays as the Top Dog than I would be able to sort out.

    The 8 year old girl who was married to a “noble” man and the marriage consummated (Lady Jane Grey? i think) in order to make a claim to the throne under that particular set of laws leaps to mind.

    The whole idea of “the Rightful King” has been played into the dirt for me for a long long time.

    I refer to my earlier post that Prince William should make himself an orphan and just kill his grandmum and pater and take control of the throne.

    Fox hunting season is drawing to a close, so maybe he could have Cheney take Grand-mum and Pater duck hunting in Texas?

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