White House tortures 15 year old at Guantanamo then charges him 5 years later with murder!

Everything about Guantanamo is utterly repugnant beyond belief, but the torture of children there is the worst abomination of all. The case of Omar Khadr is one example amongst many, and shows that the US government is utterly lacking in any moral values at all.

Omar was captured in Afghanistan in July, 2002,and rather than being held as a POW as should have been the case by international law, he was treated as a common criminal. Those who think the UN is some sort of great international body of peacemakers should think some about this case. The UN is totally complicit in what is going on at Guantanamo and the other US secret camps of torture. It is shameful how the UN has totally deteriorated under US domination.

Omar was only 15 when he was captured, and he has been held and tortured without any rights what -so-ever given him, for almost 5 years now. He is being charged with supposed crimes that would have been committed when he was much younger, even to times when he was less than 10 years old! Sickening. The US invaded and occupied his country, and he, a child, is now being criminally charged by the White House. He has only had the most flimsiest of pretexts at any legal representation, and besides, he is Prisoner of War, not a common criminal. This is Kangaroo Democracy and Kangaroo Court at its most banal level of total evil. Our press and our society are acting as if torturing a child soldier is somehow normal behavior by its government. It is not, and we should all be ashamed of what is being done in our name.

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  1. The US vetoed the UN Security Council Resolution against using children as soldiers. The same Resolution passed almost unanimously in the General Assembly with the US voting against it.

    The Ambassador to the UN at the time was Shirley”Curly Tops” Temple-Black, former child star.

    Funny thing, I find it side-splittingly hilarious myself, that was one of the UN Resolutions cited by the Bush Regime in their litany of Resolutions Ignored by Saddam Hussein.

  2. There is a 2 part youtube video about ex-Guantanamo Islamic chaplain, James Yee, who tells his own story of being persecuted for attending to the religious needs of POW captives held there.

    This is almost an hour long video altogether, but is very powerful testimony to the absolute moral impoverishment of the American military and political establishment that is now prosecuting child soldier, Omar Khadr. It is defintely one of the best documentaries out there and well worth the time of watching.

    Part One… Yee on becoming a Muslim

    Part Two… Yee on Guantanamo and his own subsequent solitary confinement in a US military secret prison

  3. he is just a boy. even if he was taught anything in a school and it influenced his mentality, remember he is just a boy, and the so called highly ethical society that aims to save the fucking world can give a good example and teach him something new but instead you are just keeping him in jail when he is getting older and more devastated. teach him good things, put him in court or let him go, teach him values, putting him in jail without any trial does not teach him any values but makes him only believe that whatever he was taught before about the cruelty and stupidity of the civilized Western or american society was TRUE!
    the boy was just 15 and you keep him there for 7 years for throwing a grenade, when so many soldiers in Iraq right now kill people whether by chance or purposedly when many of these citizens are not even in the military but just civil ones! and who keeps them in jail for that???

  4. Again a shameless bump. Since the tortures AND OTHER WAR CRIMES are much better documented than many “military historians” would prefer, and some of the links posted in these comments are, as requested, actual documentation of the Torture and other crimes committed by the U.S. “crusaders” in Iraq, Afghanistan, at Guantanamo, etc etc. By both the Military and the “civilians” like Blackwater… And the 8 CIA “civilians” who Got What They’ve Been Dishing Out (Ain’t Karma a Bitch?) in Afghanistan recently…

    This one happens to point to the torture, SEXUAL ABUSE, promoted by, committed by and defended by a list of War Criminals and their Apologists, committed against a child.

    Raping or even having Consensual sex with a 15 year old would be considered Child Molesting, Unless the Molesters and Rapists happen to be the Torturers at Guantanamo and other Torture Dungeons.

    Torture is a particularly ugly and violent form of Rape. The only people who would be any “good” at it would be people who LIKE doing it.

    We’re not only expected, it seems, to allow the security of our nation to hang on the actions of that level of Perverted Scum, we’re supposed to praise them as Heroes.

    According to some, at least.

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