Top Democrat admits that he lied to cover for Bush’s lies

Senator Richard Durbin, the #2 Democratic Party leader in the Senate, certainly takes the cake. He has confessed to deliberately passing Republican Administration lies to the American people, and actually has the nerve to state that he legally had to do such! He says that he was sworn to secrecy as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Let’s see now? At the time when the lies that were sold to the American people by Bush to justify an attack and invasion Iraq, there was actually a majority of 1 by Democrats on that committee. There were 9 Democrats in all, and 8 Republicans. Senator Richard Durbin now wants Americans to believe that somehow they were legally obligated back then to help Bush spread deliberate lies to go to war! That’s preposterous, Mr. Durbin.

Your party, as well as the Republicans on that committee, were actually duty bound NOT TO LIE to the world, but chose instead, not to tell the truth. You are complicit in the international crime of attacking another nation under false pretenses, and so is the entire political party you help lead, The Democrats. Shame on you, and the fact that you now openly admit your guilt is hardly to your credit at all. It shows that still, neither you nor the Democrat Party as a whole, actually understands where your responsibilities lie, both legal ones and moral ones. Shame on you as your actions show that your group of Democratic Party politicians are actually a group of lying murderers same as the Republicans as a whole are, with only an exception or two amongst the sorry lot of both parties’ political leaderships.

Until our political system is fundamentally altered, there is no peace that lies ahead , neither for America or the world. This is not a democracy in any real sense of the word at all. We need an overthrow of this rotten and corrupt con game of a system that rules over us all, where polticians will no longer swear each other to secrecy cross parties when they lie to the public as a group. Two party system your DP ass! You are just one united poltical party of liars and murderers, that’s all.

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