Who doesn’t support the troops?

Support our troops with even more troops!
May I ask -who do you know
doesn’t support the troops?
Is there someone you need to encourage
to show more support for the troops?
No one? Then why the sticker?

Support the troops? You do. You want the very best for the troops. You hope they get home safely, you hope they avoid violence and don’t endanger any being unnecessarily. You support them, not their mission. Do you put a yellow ribbon on your car, in mind that it’s become a means for war supporters to claim a consensus?

Who do you know doesn’t love their freedom? Who doesn’t cherish the privileges of citizenship? Who do you know needs encouragement to love their motherland? Why then the American flag? Does it differentiate your pride being more than another’s?

Those who think that dissent means not supporting the troops or not loving our country, those are the people pushing the flags and yellow ribbons. They are the supporters of war and American ass-kicking imperialism, and their accouterments suit them like swastikas.

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