The Spears sisters genetic tree stump

Result of face growing around premature nose job.Dumbshell Britney Spears’ little sister is having a baby. The clan are mega millionaires, why shouldn’t they decide what they please? Clearly they’ve already decided a premature preteen nose job is fine, even if your face is going to outgrow it. Time for another!
Baby at sixteen. Please. A young mother in Bangladesh is on her third by sixteen. Young Indonesian tsunami survivors were starting second families by sixteen.

What does the Spears pregnancy say about American teens in general, ill-served by abstinence-only sex-ed, who are finding themselves pregnant? Most of those young mothers do not have media fortunes to fall back on and can expect basically lives of uneducated hardship. Historically, before public education, before the middle class, girls were pregnant as early as nature provided to yield the next generation of workers. Their witless beaus as well were shackled to prospect-less futures.

Appropriately enough the Spears celebrity news critics treat this development like it was a stumbled performance on American Idol. What does this mean for the profile-challenged Spears’ career? What advice can they offer to improve viewer poll reception in the next round? Will Nickelodeon dump pregnant Jamie Lynn from Zoey 101 because her figure may no longer be believed as a sixteen year old passing as a middle schooler. Oh my God. Forget about dumping the errant Bratz Doll because she presents too skewed a role model to America’s preteens.

Why are our culture deciders glamorizing White Trash?

In other Trailer Park news, a worker at a Lowes store discovers that a coworker is his biological mom who had given him up for adoption. What does that say about genetic self-determination? Even with new parents he couldn’t roll further than a mega store aisle from that tree.

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3 Responses to The Spears sisters genetic tree stump

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Forgive me for being one of those not willing to trash young mothers, Eric. It is our society that is toally screwed up by trying to force women to hold off on becoming mothers until their mid-thirties.

    The attitude is to punish women for having babies unless they have fished well for older monied men to latch onto via ‘holy matrimony’, and I think that is a rather pathetic way for society to focus itself on how it sees ideal child raising to be. Society in the US takes minimal responsibility in helping raises kids in a sane way. In fact, it squeezes huge numbers of kids off into poverty.

    It is the corporate world and their sycophants that makes ‘white trash’ living a norm, not young mothers supposedly being irresponsible themselves. It is the higher powers of our society that are in fact the fountain of irresponsible child raising that dominates our society.

  2. Avatar Dan says:

    Yes we should trash young mothers who make a burden of themselves on society, failing to take responsibility for themselves and THEIR CHOICES, and then expect others to pay for their life style choices.

    We should also trash parents, who don’t take responsibility for their choices and raise healthy and emotionally stable human beings (children), that will contribute to society, instead of leach off of society, because they think they are entitled.

    And typical of the problem that produced Jamie Lynn Spears, blaming others for the circumstances ones choices have caused, is again exhibited by Tony Logan, who continues the problem…that others are responsible for the personal choices that individual makes, in his world victimist world view, “The corporate sycophants” that cause “the white trash standard of living.”

    No one is responsible for the choices one makes, even when faces with circumstances beyond ones control, but that individual who makes those choices.

    Its called moral fiber and character…something that is extreme short supply today, not because of “The Powers that be,” but because of ideological victimist/slaves, who blame others for their predicament, that has really been brought on by their personal life style choices.

    “The higher powers” of our society are not responsible for self-centered lazy parents, whose main parenting motivation is either willful ignorance and or guilt for being lousy parents in the first place, and to make themselves “FEEL” better being overly permissive because of their guilt and shame at being failed parents.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I know, Dan. Nobody is responsible for anybody other than themselves, You Irresponsible Trash. Dan, you have a turnip for a heart and not much more for a brain.

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