Not your mother’s I.E.D.

An insurgency in its last throes? Even to call Iraqi weapons improvised, as in IEDs, is to lie about the strength of the Iraqi insurgency -or as some would say- resistance. These “Improvised Explosive Devices,” are not so improvised at all. And they’ve been responsible for the high US casualty rate for over a year now.

The British press is calling them what they are, EFPs, Explosively Formed Projectiles otherwise known as shaped charges, neither crude nor home made.

These mines are concealed next to thoroughfares and are capable of piercing armor, even tanks. They are machined on lathes by skilled weapons makers, probably in Iran.

An Iran connection is the hay the British media may be trying to make with this story. The bigger significance is this: to say our troops are suitably protected against such improvised weapons is a lie.

  Not an improvised weapon

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