Jay Fawcett, Moderate Republican at best

It is really sad to see the local liberals buying into the campaign of Jay Fawcett. Granted that his opponent Doug Lamborn is about as repulsive as you can get, but that’s still little excuse to go out and vote for Fawcett. The most notable aspect of his campaign has been how he has tied himself into alliance with the national campaign for president of Wesley Clark, Clinton’s man for invading Yugoslavia.
How is supporting Fawcett and Clark pushing for peace and less military? Both were quiet for those 8 long years, as Clinton and Gore waged war on Iraq through bombings and economic sanctions that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians. Which also led to the beginning of the ethnic dividing up of Iraq that is destroying the country at present. Clinton’s military people pushed into Kurdish Iraq to arm and use them against the Sunni Bathists of Hussein. Now Iraq has an ethnic civil war running hot that is destroying the country.

Fact is, both Fawcett and Clark have straddled the line between the Democrats and the Republicans. Today, Fawcett published a big propaganda piece trawling for Republican votes titled ‘Why Local Republicans Don’t Support Doug Lamborn for Congress’. The real question is why are liberals so desperate that they would vote for Jay Fawcett, moderate Republican? Have they not gone to his website? Do they not know what he actually is? How is a vote for this militarist jerk ‘taking back the Democratic Party’? If he had already been elected to Congress, he would have certainly voted alongside of Democrat Salazar in supporting the Bush Adminsitration’s use of torture on POW’s taken in the fighting. In no way is Fawcett a break from supporting US militarism. He endorses it. He is part of it. Not an obstacle to Bush at all. Why would any liberal want another Democratic Party enabler of Bush’s program in Congress? Fawcett supports a continual US military agression against the rest of the world as Bush and Cheney do. He just thinks that Bush is botching the operation.

2 thoughts on “Jay Fawcett, Moderate Republican at best

  1. Tony, Republicans are lying, cheating, thieving, morally-backward, undereducated, self-righteous hypocrites. Some of them pedophiles. This has been documented.

    Less documentation exists for the Democrats. This is why Democrats are our only option on the ballot. As long as they keep losing elections, we will never know.

    I’m not sure that Democrats don’t intend to throw the match always. Else they would have to come into the spotlight and be observed for who they really are, ersatz-Republicans, with all attendant vices. Let’s vote for them and expose America’s red&blue one party system. Then we’ll finally have a chance to start a real third/second party, a people’s party.

    My election day plan? Wear a peace sign to the poll station, wear an I VOTED sticker everywhere else, and go gas up the car before the Republicans decide they can safely hike up oil industry profits once again.

  2. ‘Democrats are our only option on the ballot’?

    My answer…. No, you don’t have an option ON the ballot. So that’s why it’s so important to do the options you have OFF the ballot. I know that you do that, too, but most others don’t.

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