Speaking for the city speaking for Army

Gazette announced that PPJPC is invited to march in St Patricks Day parade
The Gazette announced that the PPJPC has been invited to join in this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade. But they’ve framed the peace advocates as “protesters” instead of participants like any other, unlike the pro-war military cheerleaders for example. Why wouldn’t the PPJPC also be considered cheerleaders for peace? Even more telling, the Gazette summarized the parade organizer’s decision to tolerate social issues as “The Springs has lifted a ban…” This suggests that the decision making about the parade has been where we had always expected, in the hands of the city.

1 thought on “Speaking for the city speaking for Army

  1. Of course the City of Colorado Springs city government always has had control over the allowable St. Pat’s Day ‘social issues’ presented, and still does. The city has been very disingenuous about this. This is a city government which believes that its sole purpose is always to promote the US military in whatever way it can, and I look for this years parade to be much more overtly militaristic in tone than last years was.

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