It’s in the percentages

Apparently 30% of the most recent batch of Army recruits do not have a high school education. And by the Army’s own findings, 30% of soldiers returning from our occupations have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And a Colorado Springs school district has revealed that 25% of the children of the Fort Carson new arrivals are “Special Needs” students. Americans, and Colorado Springs in particular, have to live with these percentages. Are we 25% screwed or 30% screwed? At least we don’t have to look at these guys across the sights of their guns. Iraqis do, and over one million dead Iraqis it may now be deduced were 100% screwed.

I mean it, I find it an absolute nightmare to imagine soldiers in positions of authority, making life and death decisions over others, who don’t know right from wrong, history from high stakes poker, or intelligence from drunken stupor. How do you reason with someone whose only motivation is their next beer? Where they’d just as soon shoot you dead than worry about regretting not shooting you?

It’s a war crime to subject civilian populations to rule by incompetents. Just because Americans elect a certified idiot for president is no indication that anyone else, certainly not a more cultured society, would want their lives overseen by uneducated amoral brigands.

Unprincipled Colorado Springs businessmen salivate at the houses, cars, loans and strippers they can sell to uneducated soldiers. Colorado Springs residents better think hard about whether they make good neighbors.

3 thoughts on “It’s in the percentages

  1. I do agree that we need smarter solders in the army like better training for are solders with high school education but you saying one million Iraqis were 100% screwed becouse of that is wrong. If you think have the right to throw stones at are solders then why dont you join the amy and get deployed to Iraq. Then decide if you want to. Right now what you wrote offends me.

  2. Well, Jonathan, the military always has had more than its fair share of dummies in it, and sorry if that offends you to say so. It offends me to have our society spend so much on military dummies while so many of our own citizens are treated so poorly.

  3. My kid is one of the special needs kids and I feel this article is really offending. If you cant stand her fathers job, ok, but dont let it out on a 3 year old.

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