A little good news for a change..

It started out truly messed up.

I had volunteered to be a live kidney donor for a friend in California. After months of tests on her and bureaucratic bull-poopoo on my end, lots of waiting and sweating, the hospital said that I was not acceptable as a donor, for a health problem I consider to be no more than a nuisance.

So, I was going around really really bummed.

I had volunteered because last summer, she posted on a forum I haunt frequently that she was about to go terminal, with a hereditary disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease.

It’s actually treatable, but the FDA, under Our Glorious Leader, won’t approve it because it involves gene splicing. Meaning from Stem Cells.

That was the bad news, the Good News is, two others Who Are More Closely Matched, picked up the slack after I was rejected.

So my fundamental belief in the spirit of God being in all people, and most people actually trying to live up to it, was reinforced.

Most people won’t stand by and watch as somebody dies, if they can do anything at all to stop it.

Especially not a friend.

Of course, we do have our fair share of true and honest ButtMunch people in the world, but as long as there’s good, I at least will hope and build.

1 thought on “A little good news for a change..

  1. Jonah, thanks for the encouraging words! I do know that there are sensitive, unselfish, caring individuals in the world. Indeed, I am lucky to have many of them in my world. Still, it’s really amazing that you were so willing to be a donor! It just makes me love you all the more ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m glad things are looking up for your friend.

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