A trillion dollars worth of Rotted Meat…

Ok, only 850 billion or so, but we got it at a bargain Price!

So we uns gonna have us a Bar-bee-cue!!

If McCain wins, we can only expect more of this shit…

Like the AIG buyout.

We bought a stinkin’ carcass. Isn’t it wonderful that McCain and Bush and their best buds in the Banking Industry made the decision to buy this dead rotten piece of meat for us?

That was my thought, you know, when it was reported that We The People get an 80% share in a drowning company.

Then realization sinks in that it’s only a penny on the dollar for that share.

Then it’s sadness time again when you compare it apples to apples.

it’s like buying spoiled meat at a penny on the dollar.

“Oh, look, I bought a Whole Steer for only a hundred bucks!”

It’s just we’re going to need a couple hundred gallons of ketchup and Tabasco sauce, and tell the guests that the maggots are just extra protein.

Yum, Yum! “Hey, Grampa, whut’s fer supper”

That’s a gag line from Hee-Haw.

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