Free Speech in the USA, USA, USA Zone

Exploring your free speech rights in America. Has it come to this? Mouth off all you want into the online ether or in the privacy of your local spheres of influence, but try to rise above the din where cameras might be forced to televise your message, and you’d better come equipped. Forget your pocket constitution, you need helmet, goggles and bandana.
Peace pith helmet
It has come to this. At the RNC in St. Paul, lawful demonstrations interrupted with tear gas, mace and batons. In Denver at the DNC, police officers intimidated activists from protesting at all. The physical threat seemed wildly disproportionate, but there were not enough present to object.

If you want to have your say in America’s streets, and escape unscathed, I’d add another invaluable tool: the camera. To have any recourse against the charges to be contrived against you, be sure you have pictures of what actually happened. Also not pictured above, the bandana.

Americans are well acquainted with the bandana of Western lore. It’s indispensable to a rodeo getup. In cowboy working days, the bandana was as critical as the hat and chaps. Tied around the neck, it would serve as shade, sweatband, or dust filter on the trail. Handy features even today, which also include the nefarious practicality of transforming the wearer into a stagecoach robber, or at least a not-easily distinguishable mischief-doer.

Free Speech in the USA Zone
We’ve become accustomed now to the chant “USA USA USA” when a militantly obstinate mob of conservative Moonies want to drown out discord. Tony’s developed a great counteroffensive. START with “USA, USA” and interject your message between the refrain. The antagonistic crowd will be unwilling to join your chant -even though it’s theirs- and will stand silent without recourse as you hit them with your protest.

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  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    Eric’s right. When your rights are threatened, friends won’t matter, nor pocketbooks of any kind. Most people won’t even bat an eye, especially if you are not in group formation or public eye.

    If possible, I’d add a personal tape recorder to the equip list next to camera. Time-stamping and corroborative documentation is priceless in the age of data manipulation, mixed alliances, and subjective interpretations – especially in the courtrooms.

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