Acacia Park turns out Pro-Palestinian

Free Gaza protestCOLO. SPRINGS- Some pictures from today’s ANSWER / UFPJ protest of Israel’s continued attacks on Gaza. Meanwhile Israel launched more air attacks and continued to mobilize forces in preparation for a ground “incursion.”

Talking points from Phyllis Bennis:

The Israeli airstrikes represent serious violations of international law – including the Geneva Conventions and a range of international humanitarian law.

The U.S. is complicit in the Israeli violations – directly and indirectly.

The timing of the air strikes has far more to do with U.S. and Israeli politics than with protecting Israeli civilians.

This serious escalation will push back any chance of serious negotiations between the parties that might have been part of the Obama administration’s plans.

Acacia Park
Wider crop of view across Bijou Street. We occupied the four corners of Nevada and Bijou.

Acacia Park
Northwest corner

Nevada Avenue
Northwest corner looking across Nevada Avenue.

1 thought on “Acacia Park turns out Pro-Palestinian

  1. I’m more pro-Thou-Shalt-Not-Kill-No-Exceptions-Provided than for any political thought.

    also not supporting and enabling killing.

    I wonder, sometimes, how much guilt does the U.S. government share, in our name and with our tax dollars of course, and our kin on the ground… and under the ground.

    I’ll put the rest of this into a separate post.

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