Between this and two people asking what “genocide” means…

I sense a massive failure in our educational values, more deeply rooted than any Public Education Bureaucracy.

Another guy, stout fellow, started cursing us and saying he was a Marine and had fought for “us” and “our freedom” (and the implication that “How Dare We Criticize”)

So, here’s a question he didn’t want to face last night… are the Likud party and our Republican party anti-Semitic because they essentially set up the State of Israel in order to bring about the prophesied Destruction of the State of Israel?

He also identified himself as Jewish…

Or those “Jews” in the Likud-backed PNAC who stated that a biological warfare agent targeted to what is THEIR own genotype should be unleashed on the Arabian Peninsula?

For those who don’t study Geography very closely in our public schools, or private schools for that matter

(“what are the three members of the NAFTA agreement?” Correct answer, U.S., Mexico and Canada… A recent candidate for U.S. Vice President’s answer “I’ll have to get back to you on that”)

Israel is right there on the western edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

But basically the assumption was made that exactly NONE of us were veterans, and thus had no real Right to criticize.

Ignoring the logical answer that Israel isn’t officially fighting to maintain American Policy or American Freedom.

So it shows a basic unwillingness of the American educational philosophy to actually Question Illogical Rhetoric.

Like the paired statements “Only people who have fought in wars are qualified to question the ‘need’ for War” and it’s Evil Twin

“People who have not fought in wars can and indeed should SUPPORT the War”

Let’s take that further shall we?

“unless you have lived in slavery you are not qualified to oppose Slavery”

and the closely related

“unless you have been a Nazi or a Fascist you have no qualifications to question Nazism or Fascism”

Unless you have murdered you’re not qualified to condemn murder.

See, these are the kinds of Orwellian Madness that are necessary to have us accept living in a dictatorship.

Incidentally, Marine, if you read this or somebody tells you about it, Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz and Rove et al…

They never fought in wars either.

But they DO make money off every human life destroyed in their wars, including their war-by-proxy in Gaza.

Jew, Arab, American Jew, American Christian, American Muslim, doesn’t matter.

They’re selling the lives of their fellow humans for money, and it’s WRONG even if you did fight for it.

They made money off the deaths of your fellow Marines, the ones that particularly insult you and every Real Marine were the ones who USMC Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North literally paid to have blown up in Beirut, and made money for brokering the deal.

Semper Fi.

Those are the Real Enemy, not me, not those of us who opposed it then and oppose the same deal being made now.

So do the most prominent members of Likud.

I realize, too, that Likud isn’t officially in power, but the Regime du Jour is sucking much Likud ass and there’s a strong probability that this past week’s actions were designed to appease the voters who might actually Vote Likud in a month.

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