Ah signed up thinkin’ Ah was goin’ there fer mah country

Here is a very funny review for this Right Wing Hollywood charade called ‘Stop Loss’, that bills itself as the antiwar film for those who normally would not partake of such. Yeah… In other words, even its own advertising and propaganda gives away that this film is total crap to be spoon-fed to pro-war folk disgusted that it is not all turning out so good after all. Boo-hoo-hoo. ‘Ah signed up thinkin’ Ah was goin’ there fer mah country.’ This film so full of shit it even sounds like Dubya talking!

2 thoughts on “Ah signed up thinkin’ Ah was goin’ there fer mah country

  1. I paid over eight bucks to see THIS CRAP?! Yes it was crap! I should have left early and demanded my money back.
    I enjoyed the documantary “Sir, No Sir” better – at least there was truth in that movie.

  2. One good thing, they’re starting to realize that it’s not just Somebody Else’s War…

    Kind of like the one line I remember from “War and Peace”…

    The young Russian Lieutenant, after being the toast of Moscow for months, getting into battle for the first time, and saying “Why, they’re shooting at ME! Me, who everybody loves!!”

    They’re getting scared, GOOD!

    If they want to go slow pulling their heads out, only drawing out an inch at a time, so much the Better!! (just don’t take too long fellas, I know you dudes enjoy the pain but you gotta get your Traumatic Facing Up To Reality For The First Time Ever, over with quick….)

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