Arizona, our lovely sun state is shocking!

Tired of Tupperware parties, Amway sales parties, lingerie sales parties, Mary Kay cosmetics sales parties, Women? Want to make a fortune and socialize with other ladies of your type at the same time? Great!

From Phoenix, in our lovely sun state of Arizona, a new opportunity for getting rich shockingly quick is emerging. We are talking about pink stun gun sales parties! Taser parties stunning success with female clients

Yes, Arizona seems to be the perfect birthplace for this new social engagement. Pretty soon, moms all across America will be buying these high voltage birth control machines for their teenage daughters to go along with the more basic Biblical Abstinence Education course. Focus on the family!

Now, isn’t this much better than having to carry around pepper spray bottles in your purses, take feminist karate courses taught by imposing lesbians, or just calling 9/11, Ladies? Plus, if you catch the old man or teen boy watching porn on the INTERNET, you can always deliver them a gentle reminder of how you feel about such things. This is a sales item that no home can be without safely. Buy one now! ***note- The Pink Taser will soon be available in Tangerine, Fuchsia, and Nude, too.

Buy your new sex toy HERE! And just wait to our ‘peace officers’ got a shot of this! Bondage and domination has never been easier and more convenient!

4 thoughts on “Arizona, our lovely sun state is shocking!

  1. The proliferation of tasers raises this question for me: if you aimed a taser at a policeman, how would he react? Would you be considered as threatening with a deadly weapon? (Even though they maintain it is not?) Would a policeman feel justified in shooting you?

    Perhaps rampant public misuse of tasers could lead to a reevaluation of their use in general.

  2. To answer Eric’s question, yes, they WOULD charge you with Assault with a Deadly Weapon. They also do that if you spit on a cop. Throw a water balloon at one.

    There were a few taser robberies here locally, one was a purse snatching with the use of a taser at a WalMart or Home Depot or some such. The other one even more recently was at a MMJ dispensary on the WestSide. And in both cases the charges read “Aggravated Robbery, use of deadly weapon”

    But the piggoes never get charged with that. Even when they Tase somebody to death.

    The Taser company bragged on their web-page that it was tested safe to be used on children as young as 2. So that means, the Taser company employs people who would voluntarily Taser a baby. Such Wonderful People!

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