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$90M in raw profit, 49 layoffs…

That would be our old fiends Focus on yer own damn Family. We’re talking here about a corporation which produces NOTHING. No products. A book that was given for free (but at great personal cost from the donors) and what else? Hatred for non-compliant non-conformists and of course, a massive Tax Exemption because they can call themselves a church. I knew a “preacher” 30 years ago who did that as a money-laundering outlet for The Dixie Mafia.
I know here a few people who used to work in the mail room. Which, mind you, involves its own ZIP code. They (anecdotal evidence) opened the letters, threw the checks in one box, cash in another and prayer requests and personal letters into the dumpster. That 90 MegaBux represents a significant downturn for them, by the way.

Ninety… Million… Dollars… in one year.
They also include and count into their “congregation” quite a large chunk of the Republican and Tea parties. Folks who you know very well are going to deduct their “free will” offerings from their own taxes, thus forcing the United States Taxpayers to fund their Money Machine.
Yes, really generous of them.

Oh, and they don’t like people who get money without working for it… unless it’s Dobson and others exactly like them.

Ding-Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead! Well not quite, Dorothy…

Darth VaderDobson resigns as chairman of Focus on the Family. Yes, the cows are mooing and all is happiness in the land of Odd (Colorado Springs, that is)! Dobson is being replaced by another, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Patrick P. Caruana, who is a longtime board member and a former executive with that merchant of death, Northrup Grumman.

How befitting the Focus On Right Wing Bullshit People to have their Head Witch replaced by a General Warlock! This is sure to impress the world with their claims of being of the Highest Morality, for sure! NOT………

Darth Vader was busy elsewhere, I guess? But at least The Wicked Witch is Dead!

Can I get an inflatable Ted Haggard Sex Doll anywhere?

Ted HaggardA lot of us have literally fallen in love with Ted Haggard, and now that he is immersed in sin he seems even sexier! So that brings me to the question of where can one go to get an inflatable Ted Haggard Sex Doll? Don’t worry, I won’t molest it if I find one, I strictly want him around for a platonic relationship based on Christ.

Now you might think that my desire to have this doll, Ted, is quite sick, but there may be places that will begin to help men like me out? For example, if we enter into Book 22, we might find that obsessive sexual attraction to Ted might still not make oneself incapable of being accepted inside the big tent of Love. The doors are being widened by the Obama Era and that’s a good thing for those being torn apart by their own sinful lusts!

At Book 22, where ‘intimacy products for married couples’ are being sold, I saw no inflatable dolls at all for sell. But inflatable sex dolls are the type of ‘intimacy product’ that do bring levity and joy to married couples daily! It will only be a matter of short time before the arousability factor of these dolls becomes better know to Christians! So why not have one with the likeness of sinful bad boy, Ted Haggard?

Sure, stick with an inflatable Pope doll or Franklin Graham one if you desire, but for me, it’s Ted all the way! I just can’t help it…. since I’m kind of a Christian Nympho and still love God, and some of God’s products still love me. Can I get an inflatable Ted Haggard Sex Doll anywhere?

Twilight- Go see the movie!

twilightAs a reward this week for having to put up with the disgusting job CS School District 11 is doing in supposedly teaching her, I took my daughter out to see the movie she wanted to see, which was Twilight.

She has just finished reading all the 4 Vampire books out in this series and had to go see this movie, and she dragged me to doing it with her because going to see a romance novel movie is normally the last thing I would ever do. I’m glad she pushed me to go, because I thought it was a damn good movie and probably about the best teenage vampire movie that has ever been made!

Now most movie critics have not agreed with my assessment and the reason why is quite simple. They are older farts that want to totally concentrate on the Puritanism of the author, and not on the film itself. Let me just say to them though, that sometimes FUN is the main reason for things, and not merely the political message. As an atheist kid, I thoroughly enjoyed much of CS Lewis’s work, conservative Christian messaging or not, it simply made no difference to me when I was a pre-teen/ young teen reader. One has to see this movie and take it on that raw entertainment level, and not the level of it being a Conservative morality play.

Roger Ebert actually has a fairly intelligent review of the movie out, and recommends a Swedish vampire movie at the end that now I and my daughter will also have to see. So one vampire thing leads to another, and that’s why if you haven’t yet seen the movie, go see it NOW! Vampires are fun, and Focus on the Family needs more vampirism in their family life!

Funny thing about the movie, I liked it but my daughter felt it to be too racy on screen as compared to how it read to her by book. She wanted Edward to restrain his bloodlust (sexual drive) yet more!

Well, you simply cannot please all the people all the time, but all in all, a very well made movie on the Vampire theme. I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Check it out. Ed the Vampire just won’t bite you unless you open up to him willingly! He’s just that good a Vampire! I think that my daughter would rate it about 3 stars out of 5. But she’s Hooked on Books!

The future of socialism and LGBT rights in Cuba

Ted and Gayle HaggardThe future of socialism and LGBT rights in Cuba, an interview with Mariela Castro. I thought this interview might be of some interest to Colorado’s LGBT community, as it shows not quite the monster leadership of Cuba as is usually portrayed by the Right Wing here in NORADlandia when they talk about Human Rights. Ted Haggard might even ought to ask for political asylum in Cuba? Take your whole family, Ted, and at least have a vacation there! Break the law! Psst… I hear you’re changing your views as a Christian… right?

Family Values

child preacherWe now have a New Movement on the go in America today, what with John McCain’s choice of who to have beside him in the presidential race, Sarah Palin. This New Movement is one for Christian Family Values and we predict that it will sweep America like no other movement ever has. So in order to help persuade other heathen like ourselves to lay down our arms and allow these Values to take hold in our hearts, we present America’s Christian Family Values, a Salute to Our Christian Young Evangelists at work and play!

Young Preacher – When Will You Worship

This Christian kid is great, isn’t he? Thank you, John and Sarah for making us focus more on family! And now…

The World’s Youngest Preacher

Man, don’t you love it when the young are taught just so Right? These kids are just so cute!
And not to be outdone by the previous 2 young tele-evangelists, here is…

The World’s Youngest and Smallest Preacher

It’s just great that now liberals and Sarah Palin supporters will all go at each other’s throats, isn’t it? The whole world will be watching and having a ball! Meanwhile, The Young Evangelist Movement will be changing the world to a better place, a more comic one. That is, if you do not cry instead? I love that baby preacher!