Ask Palin to take her COS fans with her

Palin a frightening prospectMONDAY NOV. 3RD brings another chance to see Sarah Palin. Can we pray it please be the last? Palin will hold court to the Colorado Springs’ Holy War freaks in the same private airplane hanger she used before, so that her campaign can splice footage from the previous rally.
Jet Center Aviation,
1575 Aviation Way.
Event starts at 5:15pm,
doors open at 3:30pm.

(Meet outside earlier.) Let’s bid them ALL best success with their God/guns/greed elsewhere.

As we learned from the Palin Sky Sox rally, wear RED because that’s what Palin’s supporters are being urged to wear. They will be dressing to look like a team, and they’ll arrive feeling like they’ve unwittingly donned YOUR colors!

frightening-palinAt right is a black & white version you can print on red card-stock, as large as your printer can handle. Then use White-Out to brighten the eyes and teeth. Or visit A Frightening Prospect to download a PDF of the original color version.

Another depressing lesson from the previous rallies was how many supporters brought their kids. School day or not. From their cars, and in front of traffic cops, many held their tongue, attributing it to their children being present. Standing in line, with younger ones or without, the insults flew fast and furious.

I’m still unclear whether it’s cricket to mock Palin supporters in front of their children. What -they should save face in front of offspring who without our help will grow up as ignorant as their parents?

What do you say to parents trying to raise bigots?What do you say to parents who are going to raise bigots?

No seriously. Here are some ideas to target the Fundamentalist crowd which PRAYER FORCE ONE wll be busing to the rally. Let’s speak their language!

Wasnt Jesus a Socialist?



For the more well behaved, there’s this great election flier. On Monday, meet at NOON at TOONS for the plan.

Sarah Palin NOPE voters guide

2 thoughts on “Ask Palin to take her COS fans with her

  1. It is no surprise that the John McCain – Sarah Palin ticket has gone increasingly negative down the home stretch. They really don’t have any other options to close the gap. However, a new negative advertisement has been leaked that is particularly disturbing in its hypocrisy.


    Sarah Palin has consistently advocated abstinence-only education in schools, despite the fact that this philosophy has resulted with both Palin and her daughter conceiving out of wedlock. Clearly, abstinence-only has not worked for the Palin family, yet Sarah Palin wants to prescribe this in place of comprehensive sexual education for other young Americans.

    This advertisement came from the same 527 group that put forth this anti-Obama spot last week…


  2. For Tuesday’s Massive “Sell Republican Hatred” fundraiser/slash/booksigning/slash/for/slash/people/slash/who/slash/like to slash/slash, perhaps a banner or two regarding her use of the words Rogue and Renegade to describe herself.

    Not a good portent for somebody who espouses the Racist doctrine of English First. She doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the terms she chose for herself are descriptors of the most heinous behavior in human society.

    The “Renegade” tag, for instance, is a Francophone word meaning “Somebody who breaks promises”.

    Another set of posters, If God were leading the GWOT (George W’s War on Truth) why would He annoint idiots like Bush and Palin to interpret for Him? Would He really lie to Bush and Palin about WMDs, or are those Lies strictly the invention of the Bush regime, and simply being blamed on God?

    That last sentence would have to be on three separate posters spaced about 10 feet apart, the Right Wing Hoam Skool Gradyates typically have trouble understanding anything longer than a tee-shirt slogan.

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