Barack Obama is just more of the same bad US foreign policy

Barack Obama’s dad was from Kenya and was a Luo, which is one of many tribes in Kenya. Last year, Barack Obama visited his family’s ancestral home in Kenya but what has come of it?

Kenya has now fallen into a state of civil war because the US supports the dictator ruling there, Mwai Kibaki, who is from another ethnic tribe, the Kikuyu. He, along with the dictator, Meleze, that rules over Ethiopia are the 2 key US government allies that have brought terror and chaos to Somalia during the last year, all under Pentagon direction.

So just what does Obama have to say about the US policy of continuing to support the Kenyan dictator who just stole the recent presidential election from Raila Odinga, a member of the same family tribe Obama’s family is part of? Does Obama criticize the US foreign policy of Bush which advocates pretending that the election was not stolen? Does he call for the US to stop supporting dictators in the region? The answer is NO that he doesn’t, on all accounts.

Barack Obama has pretended to be for something vaguely called CHANGE, but he is not for that at all, and the following BBC commentary Could US elect a Luo before Kenya? illustrates quite well what we can expect form Obama if he were elected to craft American foreign policy. We could expect just more of the same bad US foreign policy that has been in evidence for decades, and not just during the Bush years.

Obama is not for change it seems. He is a total fraud, and the way he has responded to the recent events in Kenya illustrates once again just how much so that is the case.

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