Bush does math…2nd verse…

There’s a problem with the accounting of War Dead. We’re constantly told that we must be wrong about the number of “enemy” or civilian dead, but there’s more…

The 4000 combat deaths to date,… weeelllll … Mr Bush ordered a change in accounting, allowable statistics and other standards have been ‘tweaked” to reflect the notion that All Is Well and we’re somehow winning HIS war.

The incidental death count for coalition soldiers was over 10,000… until people who didn’t immediately die on the battlefield, committed suicide because of combat-induced PTSD, committed Homicide due to combat-induced PTSD… accidents, diseases they wouldn’t have caught on the streets of, say, Colorado Springs… “friendly” fire… died from their wounds while in the hospitals or being transferred to a hospital…
well, their deaths were suddenly NOT COUNTED.

This is nothing new, they used the same accounting standards during the Korean conflict and of course VietNam.

When this was brought into the open they changed the standard…

And, at a time when the casualty count was really really inconvenient for them… changed it right back.

Happy Romantic War, Mr Bush. You’re going to be unemployed in just over 10 months, maybe you’ll actually get to live your fantasy of going and fighting for your money.

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