Reverse ChickenHawk…

I know, I’ve written this theme before…
Just sometimes it bears repeating.

But there’s a certain consistency to the inconsistency of War Regime rhetoric.

You’re allowed to SUPPORT killing, unconditionally, if you yourself are not one of those who kill and are, in turn, killed, but to OPPOSE killing you’re supposed to have experience in the mass murder that is War.

Only murderers can say that murder is wrong, only rapists can say that rape is wrong, only thieves can say that stealing is wrong, everybody else has to STFU about it.

There’s a catch to it, though… the screams of STFU! and “How Dare You TRAITORS speak against The Leader!” and other verbal diarrhea
aren’t just directed against for instance, Jane Fonda… who did something her right wing counterparts wouldn’t do… she actually went to a war zone, to the DRVN, at a time when people like John McCain were carpetbombing Hanoi.

But also against people who fit into the category of Actual Experienced Killers.

A short (extremely) list would include
Max Cleland, who was “swift-boated” before the term was invented,
“Country” Joe McDonald,
(“and it’s one, two, three,
what are we fightin’ for?
Don’t ask me,
I don’t give a damn,
next stop is VietNam”)
John Kerry
and the rest of the VVAW,
and now the IVAW…

Mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters are allowed to SUPPORT the war, but get a Gold Star Mom like Cindy Sheehan, questioning the war, How Dare She Dishonor the sacrifice of her son… Right?

The Right Wing Freaks question her loyalty, her patriotism, her sanity and even her love for her son.

People who have lost pieces of themselves “over there” are allowed and encouraged to PROMOTE the war(s) but if they OPPOSE it,

Well, think “Born on the 4th of July”

The Stupid Squad take to screaming that anybody who lost a leg or arm or ability to move should be proud to have done it… then if you don’t immediately apologize to them for not groveling to the War Regime in a timely manner, they spread outright LIES that somehow your injury was caused by your own incompetence.

I’ve come to the unnatural conclusion that these guys are only happy if they’re bitching and whining… so, let’s make them happy…

Satisfy their appetite for Things Which Make Them Scream Like The Bitches They Truly Are.

Another log on that fire, just to build it up nice and HOT…

I know the natural reaction of the ChickenHawk and the Reverse ChickenHawk is to scream that somehow They Gave Me the right to free speech, so how Dare I criticize them…

If you fellas care to look over to the sidebar, (either one) you’ll see pictures of Noble Policemen “protecting” our rights that you “gave” us by beating on us for the so-called crime of actually using those rights.

And, in that incident, while all the soldiers in the crowd wisely didn’t jump right in and help the pigs violently deny us the very existence of our rights…

Not one of you stepped up and used your Uniform and the automatic level of influence it would give you… to actually DEFEND our rights.

You never gave us our rights, not on the battlefields of the Imperial Warz, and certainly not on the Streets of America.

1 thought on “Reverse ChickenHawk…

  1. Yo BJ,
    You do know that parade was not anti-war? That this group “sliped” their anti-war stuff on the sly. True the police did over step & then some. But this year you were invited back & could spill your sauce with no problems, huh? And yes men & women in uniform did give you this right of free speach. Know you not history? Even today military stands ready to see you retain that ability to speak out, even cuss out and wow-gasp-lie out. So when you see a military person “say thank you”.

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