Colo. Springs celebrates underage vets

COLORADO SPRINGS- The average age of a uniformed participant in this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade was underage! The high school Junior ROTCs, the Young Marines, the Devil Pups, and the scouts, pulled the age downward against the ever diminishing number of retired combat vets. I think the Hussar-clad HS marching bands brought the mean down too.

While officially the youthful paraders were there to cheer the old vets, it’s hard to imagine the cries of “thank you” were not intended for the ears of those in attendance who were still part of the military. Actually a large number of those involved in the Veteran’s Day Parade are active duty, when not on deployment.

Belonging to a pro-militant fan club such as the Colorado Springs Young Marines does not make you a soldier, nor I should hope a soldier-to-be. But their recruits are already veterans of US militarism and the warrior indoctrination process.

The Young Marines are sponsored by the Marine Corps, a rather audacious recruiting beachhead considering Colorado Springs is an Army and Air Force town. Note: the Marines have no JROTC program here, and the fewest nationwide. What does that say about the age they target?

Not to be outdone by the Young Marines, the Colorado Springs Youth Marine Club goes by the name DEVIL PUPS, although it offers its conscripts the chance to “learn code of conduct from Godly Veterans.”

Note the better fitting uniform and helmet, sized for infants. The Devil Pups are affiliated with a Camp Pendleton Devil Pups Inc. Though They claim to be neither a mini-boot-camp, nor a para-military outfit, the Devil Pups require that children “must pass a Physical Fitness Test, cannot be on any type of medication for any reason, [and] cannot have asthma (no exceptions).”

Do you doubt the Boy Scouts are a para-military organization? These scoutmasters don’t. STILL SERVING THROUGH SCOUTING read one banner. Another read RETURNING TO THE VALUES SCOUTING NEVER LEFT. Were those the values of Kit Carson to which you’re alluding?

Here are elementary school students riding on a float sponsored by the Globe Charter School. They hold posters celebrating the four branches of the military, plus the National Guard and the Coast Guard.

rampart high school band
Rampart High School’s marching band, the “Rampart Regiment” costumed in deaths-head Hessian uniforms.

Our land-locked state also has a JROTC for students interested in the Navy. Three out of the four Colorado high schools enrolled in the Navy program are in Colorado Springs. They are Mesa Ridge, Wasson and Widefield. Oddly, none of Colorado’s 21 Army JROTC high school programs are in COS. The Air Force has five of seven participating high schools: Harrison, William Mitchell, Air Academy, Falcon and Sand Creek.

The parade of vintage cars provides a suitable reminder that all modern wars, post WWI, like these models, have been fought over the resource needed to fuel them.

Unafraid to make that point directly, the Military Vehicle Collectors Club solicits donations to KEEP ‘EM ROLLING.

This 40s staff car ferried former Waves who served the Navy in WWII. Resembling what most of us expect from a parade for honored veterans.

25 thoughts on “Colo. Springs celebrates underage vets

  1. Remember, if you will, that one of the United Nations Resolutions George W. Ex-president-future-war-crimes-defendant said Saddam Hussein violated was the one barring children from being used as soldiers or other forms of slavery.

    And neglected to mention that Ronald Reagan and his own father had worked to keep the Resolution as a non-enforceable General Assembly action.

    And had the BINDING Security Council resolution vetoed.

    Because it would ban recruiters from preying on the kids.

    And JROTC.

    And Boy Scouts.

    Some of our newer readers need this repeated.

    Boy Scouts was instituted first in Britain, not America.

    As a unit of the British Army.

    Rudyard Kipling had recently written essays like “The Drums of the Fore and Aft”, about a pair of young teens, who would be referenced as “Gutter Snipes” by the ruling class… who got blown away in their first engagement against the Pathan tribe of Afghanistan.

    The book “Scouting, for Boys” was written by a Brit Officer who was horrified at the sheer numbers of Scouts and of course Buglers and Drummers, always young lads, some as young as TEN…

    Who were getting killed in action in Her Majesty’s Wars.

    Rather than, you know, doing something morally and politically COURAGEOUS like advocate they not be used as deadly force, he did the next worse thing.

    Founded Boy Scouts to better prepare them for being herded like lambs to the slaughter.

    I’ll leave you with this,

    What’s the difference between an Air Force Recruiter and a NCAA College Sports Recruiter?

    The College recruiter isn’t allowed on High School (and even Junior High) campuses.

  2. Dude, what is your problem. Are you completely against what these programs are here to teach? Do you even know why these programs are put into place? They’re meant to teach, leadership and life skills. They’re not intended to recruit anybody. They’re meant to show the people, how are soldiers are a team and a family, that forged this great country. People like you make me so mad!!

  3. I thought that these programs were there to convince us to spend more money on the military-industrial complex, CE? Thanks for straightening us all out!

  4. I would like to point out that this…extremist-liberal-biased against-freedom-nutcase did not research the reason for the name of our club. The name Devil Pup’s came from something entirely different from what he is alluding to. I have taken the following from the ‘recruitment’ flyer:

    In June of 1918 the world watched as the German advance was seemingly unstoppable. The United States had just entered World War I to bolster the battered forces of the British and French. One of the first major battles was the battle of Belleau Woods near Paris.

    The Germans had 5 divisions entrenched in the woods and were ready for a fight. The 4th Brigade of Marines was sent in to clear out the forest. The approach to the woods was open wheat fields that the Germans had dialed in for artillery and machine gun fire. As the Marines advanced through retreating French forces, Captain Lloyd Williams uttered the now famous retort “Retreat, h*ll, we just got here”. The Marines had to sweep through the woods six times to finally take the woods. At times they were reduced to fighting with bayonets and fists because of lack of logistic support. At one point GSgt. Dan Daly encouraged his pinned down and almost out of ammo platoon with the rally cry “Come on . . . Do you want to live forever?” Finally, Prince Wilhelm ordered a general retreat and the Germans left. This was a turning point in the war.

    At the end of the battle, more than two-thirds of the victorious Marines walked out wounded, 1,811 of them fatally. After the war, the French renamed the woods Bois de la Bridade de Marine or the woods of the Marine Brigade. The Germans reported that the Marines would not quit and could not be killed, thereby earning the nickname of Teufelshunde or the Devil’s Dogs.

    To honor the rich heritage of the US Marine Corps, we have formed the Youth Marine Club, aka the Devil Pups.

    See? They even teach us history!

    Private X

  5. Another thing, this is to ‘Brother Jonah’.

    Have you ever been in Boy Scouts, sir? I seriously doubt it. Or, perhaps you had a bad experience while in the Scouts? Were you one of those boys who never achieved anything due to low self esteem? I was. I left the Scouts due to this. Then I decided that I needed to get off my b*tt and do something with my slowly wasted life. So I joined Devil Pups and 4-H.

    Please stop attacking organizations and groups that you have no experience with, or, if you have experience, you had a negative one and must make everyone else suffer for it.
    These organizations are helping the youth of this nation make something of themselves–besides drug addicts, corrupt politicians, and gay pride parade dancers. (And yes, I don’t give a cr*p over political correctness. Wise people don’t.)

    I am now a proud 14 yr. old member of these groups (4-H and Young Marines, and now judo), and I am better for it. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO DEFEND HER–AND LET HER ENEMIES BURN IN H*LL.

    Signed sincerely,
    Private X

  6. Yeah, we know what the programs teach.

    That Instant Obedience to orders is your primary function in life.

    That you’ll gladly and cheerfully kill when you’re told to do so.

    That you’ll gladly and cheerfully turn off any notion of right and wrong.

    That to you Right is doing anything your Superiors tell you to do and Wrong is thinking for yourselves.

    I would spend a great deal of time in needless pity for your condition, but instead I’ll do something Pro-Active and oppose your Masters and their Indoctrination.

    And, yes, I was in Boy Scouts.

    In that day and age “Scouting For Boys” was actually required reading.

    It was, indeed, preparing CHILDREN to take on the most hazardous job in the British Military, which is a Scout.

    Think how you would treat an Enemy Scout coming to your position, scoping you out, taking notes and drawing maps, directing Artillery and sniper fire to YOU and YOUR comrades.

    How would such an Scout be treated by YOU?

    If you notice, the focus of Scouting For Boys wasn’t to address the really severe problem of using Children as soldiers.

    The underlying Immorality of it.

    The focus was making it where once they were recruited, promised a chance in life that didn’t involve the truly hideous slums in which they lived, they might last long enough to be useful to their Masters.

    You’re being taught that it’s right and Good and Noble to go out and KILL other Kids.

    Even BABIES.

    It doesn’t make a bit of difference to your Commanders who you kill and it really doesn’t make any difference to your Commanders if YOU yourself get killed.

    They’ll simply replace you with another fool in a uniform.

    That’s reality, kid.

    Get used to it.

  7. YOU, personally, made the statements, learned in Boy Scouts and Young Marines, (by your admission They Teach You This)

    That you are “Better” than People.

    People for instance who are gay. People who are gay and take part in marches Which Are A Direct Counter To Violent Hatred, marches which merely affirm that They, Too, are PEOPLE.

    People with every bit the same rights and privileges of Citizenship which you claim for yourself.

    You claim to be “Better” than drug addicts…

    Does that include the Drug Addicts down at the VFW and American Legion posts, who drink heavily?

    Alcohol is a Drug, and Alcoholism is in fact Drug Addiction.

    Will you go up to the Homeless veteran, wounded in the wars promoted by your Commanders, who saw his friends and enemies shot to pieces, bombed, stabbed, killed in some of the most horrific ways conceivable, and tell that MAN that you’re “BETTER” than HIM?

    Guess what, Gomer… YOU JUST DID.

    You also echoed almost word for word and definitely concept for concept the Church Shooter Adkinson’s Manifesto, the Coward who was going to go hunting Liberals at a Unitarian Universalist Church in Tennessee..

    He was going to kill everybody. Using as his excuse the Same Things YOU wrote and attributed to your Leadership in the Young Marines and Boy Scouts.

    They were not only Not Original for you, they weren’t original for him either.

    They’re echoes of “The Turner Diaries” another Hate Manifesto.

    Which are in turn echoes of “Mein Kampf”.

    “Drug addicts and Open Homosexuality in the streets of Our Nation, the Darkening Complexion of Our Nation from Immigrants”…

    Straight out of Mein Kampf.

    But thank you very much for confessing to those thoughts.

    It makes our position much clearer and illustrates the Truth told in the original post.

    That’s some “moral values” they’re teaching you, Kid.

  8. WOW!!! Where did that part about killing babies come from?!?!?! Was that just ramdom????

    First: You’ve got your history confused.
    Boy Scouts was founded by the Englishman Lord Baden Powel who got his inspiration during the wars in Afghanistan and India. He was impressed by some boys acting as runners taking messages along his line of defense (he was besieged in a town) and was amazed by their willingness to serve. Upon his victorious return he founded to Boy Scouts which was meant to teach the basic elements of manhood as well as some survival skills and a love for the outdoors.

    Second: If you’re going to write an article on someone you should get ALL the facts. If you would’ve actually looked at the WHOLE Youth Marine Club site you would’ve found that they aren’t officially affiliated with ANYONE!!! They’re their own ‘thing’ started by some teenager who wanted to make a neat club.

    I thought you liberals are people who look at the WHOLE story, both sides, with “No Bull”…

    So the next time you write about someone, look up the WHOLE story and you’ll probably find some interesting stuff.

  9. you’re teaching them to be obedient and you’re teaching them to Hate.

    As to affiliating Boy Scouts with Devilpups, Private X conflated them.

    as to are Boy Scouts a Paramilitary group, Yes, they are.

    Devilpup Private X himself said about hating Americans who are Struggling for the same recognition of their Identical Rights as other groups get for their rights.

    He also very blatantly stated his fear that if he weren’t in Devilpups he would turn into a gay drug addict.

    Somebody taught him that, and I strongly suspect it was the same one who taught him that Americans who don’t agree with his and their agenda are “enemy”.

    Pretty messed up that you teach young kids to hate their fellow Americans, but hey, that’s what you’re doing.

    And yeah, I did mention that The British Used Children For The Most Dangerous Jobs In Their Army.
    If you want further Historically Relevant commentary on it read Rudyard Kipling, unlike the Royalist Baden-Powell (his name, like so many of those who believe they’re born better than the Rest Of Us, is Hyphenated) Rudyard Kipling despised the practice.

    They did it for the same reason they used children for the most dangerous jobs in Coal Mines, their small size and fearless nature made them naturals for it. “Lord” Baden-Powell also made a tidy fortune from THAT practice.

    Only, having kids in the Army and having kids in Coal Mines are equally unnatural.

    and equally wrong.

    Devilpup Private X wrote that he is proudly a member of a Hate Militia.

    And I pointed it out to him in no uncertain terms.

    Now, run along like a Good Little Brainwashed Uniform Freak, and tell the kids they now have to Hate Me.

    What do you think will happen when they discover you Lied to them all these years?

    I hope it happens before they do something stupid like joining the Real Military and going overseas to kill babies.

    Killing civilians and especially kids, that’s what happens in a war…

    Some of the Actual Marines say that like o, well, too bad so sad, can’t have a war without civilian casualties.

    But for my entire life the wars America entered into were wars of Choice.

    There was and still is NO necessity to send American soldiers to invade and occupy other nations and kill anybody who resists.

    But that’s what you’re preparing the kids for.

  10. You know what’s the difference between a Marine Recruiter and an NCAA college recruiter?

    The college recruiter isn’t allowed on High School campus.

    Go ahead and lie to the kids, tell them how wonderful it is to be a Military Slave and kill people because your Masters tell you to do so.

    I’ll tell them the Truth.

    Too bad you don’t like it.

  11. I hate to brake it to yall, but without the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, you could’nt say these things without your lives being in danger. You can have your views but please just think about who lets you have them.

  12. I usually don’t post on liberal-extremist blogs, but this is just too much! Do you even think about your posts before posting them? So what is your point in saying that we have uniforms that fit our infants–albeit, six year old infants? If they are an infant, then I guess you’re a baby. Sir, I humbly state that you disgrace America, our military, and our principals. You are a stain on the fabric of this nation, and I’m appalled at your behavior, sir. Please, do not take this wrongly when I tell you calmly to GO TO HELL!

  13. yeah, right.

    In my lifetime the Army has never defended American freedom.

    In fact they’ve been used as “muscle” for their Corporate Masters to break unions and even to fire on anti-war demonstrators.

    Every time the Freedom of Speech issue came up, like at the St Paddy’s Parade 2 years ago, the Army and Marines backed up their Fellow PIGS.

    You “Let” me have my rights?

    Like you “let” Jose Padilla have the right to be tortured?

    Your Pig Army and Your PIG police have tortured me and filed false charges against me for the so-called “crime” of talking back, exercising those rights you claim to have defended.

    That means you’re a Liar, sir or madam.

  14. And the original theme still holds up, according to Private X the DevilPups are teaching him hatred of Americans.

    What will they teach next, in their Americanized HitlerJugend?

    Maybe go into a liberal church and start shooting?

    You’re also in Devilpups and Boy Scouts and ROTC teaching kids to be instantly and mindlessly obedient.

    Dictators like for instance Cheney and Bush depend on that attitude of Obedience.

    Makes it possible for them to wage wars for Profit, and have the Recruits actually believe they’re fighting for “Freedom”.

    Lie to yourself, sir, and i’ll correct you.

    Lie to the kids and i’ll correct you again.

    And it isn’t about you “letting” me speak.

    You have no choice.

    Because there’s enough of us who HAVE resisted and will again every time YOU PIGS try to establish a Dictatorship in America.

    Too bad if you don’t like it.

  15. This is to “Jonah” specifically: You are saying that at Devil Pups, we are learning hatred of America? How can justify this? Where did Private X allude to this?

    Bush was a dictator?!?!?! I admit he made some wrong choices, but he was far from a dictator. I can’t see how you can compare former President Bush to people like Hitler or Stalin. If you want to call people names, I just gave you two good places to start.

    If anyone wants to establish a dictatorship, it’s President Obama! The man wants to disarm America!! Let me tell you, when (if) he does that, it will be people like you that come crying for help to “pigs” like us. Sir, you disgrace America and her Military. You don’t think they have defended you? Please, think that if you want. When the day comes that the Military is no longer in existence, that’s the day when you’ll no longer be able to say the things you do. Right now, you have the freedom of speech. I will close by asking you, under Stalin, did the people have this freedom?

  16. Didnt Congress vote YES on starting the war on “terror”? I personelly dont think the war was justified; but it certenly gives us mercs a lot of work!

  17. Blah blah blah…

    You teach them that the soldiers who are currently killing PEOPLE for the profit of your Former Dictator’s Corporate Empire in Iraq and other places around the globe have the DUTY to do it.

    Well, they don’t.

    I don’t have the duty to believe the propaganda your organization puts out.

    I don’t have the duty to support your Murder Campaigns and Conquests of other nations.

    I don’t have the Duty to agree with your contention that you fight for Freedom in any way.

    Your military is currently engaged in attempting to make the whole world obey your dictatorship.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    The Resistance will only grow.

    It’s Always that way with Dictatorships, Empires, Kingdoms or however you want to put the notion that somehow YOU are better than anybody else.

    And that somehow YOU have a divine right to rule over them.

    I didn’t even bother reading your propaganda this time.

    Sue me.

  18. You said, “I would spend a great deal of time in needless pity for your condition, but instead I’ll do something Pro-Active and oppose your Masters and their Indoctrination.” I don’t see you doing anything proactive, but spending loads of time pitying my condition. Get a life.

  19. I’m sad that you kids have such low self esteem, as Private X mentioned, strongly…

    That you feel the only way to achieve any value to yourself or to society is to join their organization, and learn to think as a group instead of, you know, pursuing Individual Excellence in your life.

    As for the jurks who recruit you with that lie, there’s a special place in Hell for them, right next to the fire.

    You can set your sights a little higher than simply being Cannon Fodder for World War Last, and some of you undoubtedly will.

    But you won’t achieve that through any organization, any training regimen that emphasizes not thinking for yourself, any training that teaches you to march, speak and think in unison with the Hate Doctrines of your Masters.

    Incidentally, the United States neither singlehandedly won World War One nor World War Two.

    The MILLIONS of other soldiers from other nations who were blown to pieces in that ongoing struggle had far greater impact.

    But, since the World War Ongoing has never ended, and has merely been perpetuated by the insane notion that you have a Duty to kill and die for “god and king”.

    Your Kings don’t own you, and God delivered you unto being a Free Individual, not subject to any man.

    The Americans who resisted and actively still do resist the Military Dictatorship being foisted on us by your leaders, WE are the ones who are fighting for our freedoms, NOT those who surrender to the Military Industrial Complex, as though you are so many willing Slaves.

    Every time the issue was American Freedom, the Military stood firmly on the side of Governmental Control of the people.

    I know your Leaders don’t tell you that, but it’s the truth.

    The only reason there actually IS a Constitution for you to swear to “uphold and defend” is in response to an Armed Rebellion of the People… Shay’s Rebellion, which the Army and Marines brutally suppressed.

    The only reason the first Ten Amendments are included in the Constitution was there was another such rebellion threatened when the Constitutional Committee tried to pass the Constitution with not even a Mention of rights…

    …and the Army, rather than once again fire on AMERICANS, stood down.

    The PEOPLE forced the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

    Your Leaders will try to paint that in a light more flattering to their doctrine of Absolute Obedience and “duty”…

    It’s their right to do that.

    The same way it’s my right and my duty to point out the truth.

    In Boy Scouts the oath is “to do my best to do my duty, to God and my country”

    Well, my duty to God and my duty to country don’t permit me to keep silent as a HitlerJugend organization brainwashes the next generation of Americans to be Obedient Slaves to whatever Bush-like dictator arises next.

    My duty to God and country does not permit me to remain silent while the U.S. Military soils our nation’s collective hands with the blood of people enslaved and or slaughtered for nothing more than Corporate Profit.

  20. I laugh at your manipulations, Sir, and I complement you on your agile mind.
    My ‘Masters’ have drilled mindlessness into me so well, that I shall except every lie you utter. (being sarcastic there, I feel I must point this out because you will use it against me otherwise….probably will anyways.)

    One more thing, the Extremeist Islamic terrorist EXTERMINATES for ‘God and King’. That is why we fight them.

    Signed mindlessly,
    Private X


  21. I grieve for your stupid devotion to what you believe to be your duty.

    It is precisely that attitude which convinced millions of men in World War One to make bayonet charges against belt-fed water cooled machine guns and be mowed down like grass.

    Bleeding, Screaming grass.

    Your Leaders are preparing you for just such a future, where you will kill and die on their whim, without once questioning whether they are right or wrong to have you do so.

    Again, you’re being taught to think as a group, and to discard your own God-given individual Conscience and Rational Thought.

    It is precisely that which leads to the power of Dictators.

    There has been no war in my lifetime which America fought, that was not Started By America and which was not fought directly for the profit of American Corporate Interests.

    You may glorify that if you wish, and I will consistently tell you the truth.

    Maybe someday you’ll see, if you live through whatever insane Imperialist Conquest your leaders send you to fight and fie in.

    Your group is mirrored by not just the HitlerJugend but also, according to the Pentagon (so it must be True, right?) the Iraqi and Iranian armies.

    Devilpup is an adequate name, for you and your group have sold yourselves to a Satanic Dictatorship.

    Make sure to count the money, sometimes they don’t pay the full thirty pieces.

  22. Hi,
    BTW, all those wars ect. that you seem to think are because of some REAL men defending you where all started by Liberal Demcrat Presidents (like the one we got now). perhaps you should look into things a little better…

  23. back to it, your demented disciple Private X mentioned his “superiority” to others, specifically Americans.

    Now, we have from time to time Right Wing Lunatic Fringe types come to complain that the War in Iraq is actually a liberation, in no way is it an imperialist action, that they actually are doing it for the good of the Iraqi people, that you don’t despise them on racist grounds like a recent commenter to the Unexpurgated Face of The War thread did, you know, calling them “savages” and saying “fuck them all” and rejoicing over killing babies.

    See, your somewhat more polite version of the same thing is brought out in all it’s ugly deeper meaning by people like that.

    “How DARE those Peasants imagine themselves to be OUR equals?

    We have the Mightiest Military the World Has Ever Seen, Our Empire Will Last Forever”.

    Some of your MARINE HEROES that you and your fellow Freaks teach the kids to worship like they’re gods…

    Have posted pictures of themselves beating bound prisoners, urinating on the dead, the people Murdered By Your Military, YOUR Police State which you teach your Demented Diminutive Disciples to Obey and Serve and Otherwise Worship.

    And you teach them that this kind of behavior somehow makes Your Marines and therefore Your AmeriKlan Hitler-Jugend superior to others.

    You are brainwashing the brats to be Haters like yourself and like your ÜberFührer Cheney and his UnterFührer Hatemongers like Ollie North, Sarah Palin, Local Chickenshit Gunny Bob, you know the ones.

    I’m not even bothering to read your propaganda because it’s so predictable.

    You have no respect for God or your fellow man, certainly no respect for America or Americans.

    That’s the values you’re teaching the New WaffenSchutzStaffel, the next generation, the standard bearers for your Fourth Reich.

    Kiss my ass if you don’t like it.

  24. What the fuck!

    I see why most people want to shoot the republic ass holes, most people join for a reason and one only beacuse they want to…. You think these kids are forced into this NO! if they were i dont think they would be staying long. Get over it i support all JROTC, ROTC, Young Marines, Sea Cadets so forth and stop thinking that there is a secret behind everything, if so leave it alone!!!! Holy SHIT YOU ALL PISS ME OFF

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