Day before DNC demo training for all

DPD watching R68
DENVER- Recreate-68 held its day of training for participants in the upcoming DNC demonstrations. Know Your Rights, Health and Safety, Self-defense, Drumming and How to Be a Legal Observer were the more popular sessions. The Denver police held exercises in regular siren drivebys and keeping four intimidating fronts.

DPD occupy center of Civic Park
From the West.

Bicycle police arrive from East

More cyclists from North
From North

Keeping watch over Civic Center Park
Shade on the South.

Two Corrections Dept buses
Were these buses to serve as paddy wagons, or shuttles for the extra police?

DPD in riot helmets
There were no shortage of SUVs and large white vans. These DPD officers in riot helmets practiced riding on the side rail.

DPD sidewalk encounter
Denver officers kept arriving from neighborhood side streets, each armed with plenty of plastic tie restraints.

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