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Denver trial of R68 organizer starts Mon.

NEWS FROM RECREATE-68- The trial of R-68 organizer Carlo Garcia will begin Monday, January 5, in Denver. Carlo's arrest was one of the worst cases of racism and police misconduct at the DNC. Below is a video of the incident which then led to the police assault on Code Pink organizer Alicia Forest. Where: The City and County Building of Denver, Court Room 117 When: January 5 at 8:30 am. The trial should last 2 - 3 days. Please come to all if you can. Carlo can use all the support you can show him. Other R-68 organizers will be testifying, please come and show support for this young important member of our community and stand against the racism of this police attack. When you watch the video, notice the police do not bother the white person on the other end of the sign doing the same thing as Carlo. When the police ask Carlo to leave, as they protect the hate speech being spewed by Rubin Israel and others, Carlo tells them that R-68 has the permit for the park and the hate speech folks are disputing the event. Almost immediately the police choke than attack Carlo.

We get up early to BEAT the crowds

The Denver Police Union is selling this t-shirt to raise funds and gloat about their brutish behavior at the DNC. The front of the shirt bears the R-68 logo encased in a circle/slash. The police claim that the t-shirt was made after the convention as a funny joke, but at a recent R-68 meeting founder Glenn Spagnuolo claimed that he saw the shirts prior to the start of the convention and that every police officer wore one under his uniform during the DNC. The dishonesty and arrogance of the Denver PD isn't surprising in the least, but their abject stupidity is a little shocking. Do they forget that they're defendants in several legal cases arising from their inappropriate behavior during the convention? Do they think that these t-shirts won't betray their thuggish attitude toward protestors? I can only imagine that their legal counsel isn't happy about this little fundraiser.

Defend Denver with a Kalashnikov

DENVER- I wasn't sure what this R68 t-shirt meant in advance of the 2008 Denver DNC. Protest organizers were anticipating riot police and a super- weaponized National Guard deployed to secure the city against us peaceful demonstrators. But the AK-47 wasn't lost on others. It's the assault rifle used worldwide against imperialism. The only gun honored on a national flag (Mozambique), the Kalashnikov revolutionized la revolucion. If "DEFEND DENVER" is opaque, the tag line isn't. Along the bottom of the shirt reads "*smash development, stop snitching, steal their shit." Fun innocuous hyperbole is all. Please note that all of the DNC protests were nonviolent.

Denver DNC photographs by others


Undercover surveillance has uniform too

DENVER- DNC day 0, Undercover observers.   Could this NOT BE A COP? My goodness the cops had undercover uniforms too! White shirt, tan cargo shorts, white socks, running shoes, camera and backpack. This bicyclist was helping to track Unconventional Denver as they veered from the permitted parade route along 16th Street Mall. Another barrel bellied gentleman was recording the Sunday antiwar rally. There were hundreds of police video cameras out there, not held at the ready for something to happen, like the other videographers, but constantly pointed. Wouldn't that be recording a bunch of nothing, unless you're simply trying to document faces? I have another theory, which comes of imagining dozens of surveillance cameramen each shift, clocking out and depositing multitudes of digital videotape cassettes, marked by location, time, and perhaps incident. Would that seem to be a nightmare to organize? I'm thinking these cameras were up to something else. These two square pegs were videotaping the Sunday UA Lincoln Boulevard standoff. The person in the foreground is an example of what real participants look like. His camera is waiting for something to capture. The rear two have cameras aloft, whether they're paying attention our not. The yellow shirted boy scout gestured to this third duffer behind them. I'm not sure the signal except that he stepped back as I photographed. I wonder if these cameras held aloft haven't been retrofitted to give live video feeds, instead of recording unto individual DATs. I bet they're transmitting wireless signals to a communications truck nearby, where not only are the images being recorded into a data bank, likely they are being monitored for a real-time sense of what's happening in the crowd. That might explain why the cameramen were seldom seen panning or changing their angle. It might also be possible that they were receiving their instructions through the camera viewfinders. Now this guy isn't wearing the day uniform. What's he doing? I include him just for contrast. He's wearing the black colors of a provocateur or plant and sure enough when the antiwar march came its closest to the Pepsi Center, suddenly he broke his silence. Where before he's stood back, observing the morning rally. Now he was moving through the marchers offering instructions. Many of the organizers were trying to create something of a circle in front of the Pepsi Center entrance. This "marcher" who held no banner, and wore no political message, was now helpfully urging everyone to continue past.

DNC disruption provided by FOX NEWS

DENVER- Sunday DNC Antiwar Rally. Predictably enough, the only disorder at the DNC protests was instigated by Fox News knave Griff Jenkins. At Recreate 68's kickoff rally on Sunday, ambush reporter Jenkins tried to rush the stage and force an interview of Ward Churchill. AIM security intervened, but the camera skirmish created an inordinate distraction for the speaker at the podium and the audience trying to listen. The diminutive Fox dick started shouting about HIS FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, which I believe illuminated his own understanding of the "journalism" role Fox serves. He doesn't report, he decides. This thug's media clout gave him the delusion he could speak over our right to assemble and attend to our speakers. His self-importance was laughable, and the crowd was not convinced. It started chanting FUCK FOX, FUCK FOX. Which of course Fox News reported as an anti-Fox riot. This was repeated later when Jenkins tried to interview marchers along the parade route. In fact the only confrontations to come of the DNC demonstrations involved Fox's Jenkins, Michelle Malkin, and inexplicably as far as I can undersand, Alex Jones from Prison Planet.

Tuesday arrests before parade began

DENVER- Tensions mount on third day of DNC protests. R-68's Carlos is arrested for a too-spirited rebuttal of an anti-gay provocateur. Another participant was arrested for stepping into the street to take a picture. As Backbone Project organizers were trying to pull together today's march, a couple of god-hates-fags preachers set up on a corner of Civic Center Park. Crowds were drawn and angry debates led to confrontation led to a parade of police intervening. One of Recreate-68's people was arrested and led off, while the preachers went on try to goad others. The crowd followed the police which built to a stand off at the West edge of the park. There, squad after squad of policemen held the line along the street while behind them more police donned riot gear. It was barely eleven a.m. and already the megaphone rhetoric was elevated to expressions of the standoff the night before. The crowd shouted and chanted until the police abruptly marched away. De-escalating the tension. The demonstration went as planned, with the spirited participation of Code Pink, plus all the Backbone Campaign puppets. Except the parade was lead by a dozen bicycle police, and a police ATV golf cart with a large electronic sign that flashed back at the marchers: "WELCOME TO DENVER" AND "FOLLOW ME" I'd like to add that Policemen are insistent on being given right of way. Police cyclists ride beside every procession. Even shouting out warnings to clear their own personal way.

Fodor’s guide to Denver and the DNC

To answer the obvious questions. If you're worried about tear gas, saturate a bandana in Apple Cider Vinegar, and bring swimming goggles. For a tip of where you'll find the action in the next several days, below is a list of where legal observers are planning to be. Meaning, where there might run afoul. Otherwise check with Recreate-68, Codepink, UFPJ and Unconventional Action. The purpose of legal observing is to protect the civil liberties of political activists. Legal Observers do not intentionally become involved in the actions or intervene in any confrontations with police or others. Legal Observers strive to refrain from actions that could be construed as participating in the demonstration. Legal Observers can make the following contributions: - Legal Observers may deter police misconduct, - Legal Observers may testify about their observations, - Legal Observers may assist activists who are detained, arrested, or who need medical attention, by alerting the appropriate support teams associated with the demonstration. CALENDAR Sunday August 24, 2008 1. END THE OCCUPATIONS RALLY & MARCH This is a permitted rally and march organized by the Re-Create 68 coalition and other groups. Due to expected large number of participants, many Legal Observers are needed. Please check in at the office at approximately 9:00 a.m. to obtain materials and hats. Please return materials to the PLP immediately after the March. For details about speakers and plans, go to: Rally at 9:00 AM March steps off from the Capitol steps at 10:30 AM. End at approximately 3pm. Location: West Steps of the Capitol Building 2. CODE PINK FREEZE TO STOP THE WAR CHECK IN AT NOON AT PLP OFFICE. 16th Street Mall 3. FUNK THE WAR DANCE FOR PEACE This action is comprised of four feeder marches which will converge on the 16th Street Mall. It is sponsored by Tent State University. For details, see: The Funk marches shall depart the following locations around 1:00 PM. CHECK IN AT NOON AT PLP OFFICE The marches will converge at Union Station at 2:00 PM. - Union Station (17th & Wynkoop) Women's Convergence led by Code Pink - Skate Park (2205 19th Street, near Coors Field) Youth Convergence w/ Ralph Nader - MEPS Center (19th & Stout) Iraq Vets Against the War and Allies - Curtis Park (30th & Curtis in Five Points) Power to the People led by C. McKinney 3. UNCONVENTIONAL ACTION - RECLAIM THE STREETS From 3:00 to 5:00 PM. FLOATER LEGAL OBSERVERS CHECK IN AT 2 PM AT PLP. Legal observers may be dispatched to locations downtown, particularly near delegates' hotels, where coordinated direct action and protests may take place after the End the Occupations march, per Unconventional Action (U/A) (see: 4. TENT STATE UNIVERSITY MOVE TO FREEDOM CAGE CHECK IN AT 10:30 PM Monday August 25, 2008 1. PROTEST THE FREEDOM CAGE March sponsored by Re-Create 68 to call attention to the undemocratic clamp down on free speech, in particular the abysmal cage erected near the Pepsi Center where non-delegates have been relegated to a fenced-in pen obstructed by the massive Media tent. This march will leave Skyline Park South (15th & Arapahoe) at 9:00 a.m and go

One of these things is not like the other.

One of these things just doesn't belong. Can you tell which thing is not like the others, By the time I finish my song? Beside the haircut. DENVER- Here are the clues: nondescript dark clothing, no distinguishing logo, requisite black backpack and cargo pants. See anybody else who brought layered clothes and a backpack to the couple hour long training event? Amidst dozens of cameramen, reporters and videographers covering the self-defense training, he was the only person who insisted on videotaping everyone's faces. He wasn't participating, he wasn't asking for photo releases, and his was also the only handycam not aimed at the cops. Taking videos is one thing. But look out for these types trying to instigate trouble. They'll be throwing stones at windows, or grabbing you to thrust you into nearby uniformed police. These are the agent provocateurs who'll try to start trouble.

Day before DNC demo training for all

DENVER- Recreate-68 held its day of training for participants in the upcoming DNC demonstrations. Know Your Rights, Health and Safety, Self-defense, Drumming and How to Be a Legal Observer were the more popular sessions. The Denver police held exercises in regular siren drivebys and keeping four intimidating fronts. From the West. East. From North Shade on the South. Were these buses to serve as paddy wagons, or shuttles for the extra police? There were no shortage of SUVs and large white vans. These DPD officers in riot helmets practiced riding on the side rail. Denver officers kept arriving from neighborhood side streets, each armed with plenty of plastic tie restraints.

DNC: preparing to do battle

I took the kids to Denver today for some pre-DNC activities orchestrated by RECREATE 68. There were self-defense trainings, Know Your Rights tutorials, drumming instruction and a whole ton of media -- local, national and international. There were also cops galore: on foot, on bicycle, on motorcycle, inside cars, outside cars, standing around in groups, staring, and acting generally creepy. Their omnipresence gave the day an eerie overcast. Ick. As exciting as it was at Civic Center Park, the kids tired of it and pleaded for a trip to the nearby Denver Art Museum. A muffin and a Monet later, we headed back to the safety of our own little police state down south.

DNC disruptors disrupted

DENVER- A counter-protester tried to disrupt a DNC protest planning meeting by heckling with a bullhorn. He claimed it was his free speech right, without giving any thought obviously to R68's right to assemble. Courts have long supported the collective right to conduct meetings without interruption. This is one reason why the use of bullhorns is usually restricted by permit. Although several police cruisers sat parked within sight of these events, no officer came over to investigate. Do you think this was because they found this would-be disruption pretty ironic? Social justice demonstrators often face desperately inane verbal assaults from pinheads. When these detractors are violent, as idiots are wont to be, the violence is often blamed on the original demonstrators. Yesterday's incident was a good reminder of the confrontations which result when ditto-heads and bigots get it in their mind to put their voices in the way of social progress. At the DNC both Rupublican and Democratic Party defenders are likely to come down to oppose the protests in the street. At street level there is no discussion. It's only shouting and disagreement. Hopefully the DNC actions will stay focused on the message of the unity which will be necessary among the masses.

Money making opportunity at the DNC

DENVER- Recreate-68's Monday 5PM event "Shake Your Money Maker" is about encircling the Denver Mint and levitating it to return the banking system's hoarded riches to the people. If that doesn't sound lucrative enough for you, other Take Back the Streets actions are promoted with fliers which promise to improve your material conditions. While some might think that's an all out call for looting, organizers insist participation is "character enriching." But the DNC will indeed provide a high road to riches if you read the news from NY. Come to demonstrate. March. Put your body smack dab into your right to assemble. Do what you know you have a legal right to do. Let them arrest you for that. The Denver Police Department is circulating a brochure with tips for DNC protesters. Right at the top they explain, that regardless whether you think you're in the right, if a police officer orders you to disperse, you must. Oh MUST you? A law abiding citizen must obey a lawful order given you by an officer of the law. Do you sense what's missing in their instruction? The DPD has also issued instructions to its first responders to be on the lookout for protesters with maps and bikes which could be used to aid and abet demonstrators with violent intentions. Get yourself caught up in their dragnet. Be detained. Then step right up into the line for the class action suit that will follow. Less you feel like you're gamaing the system, don't worry, the lawsuit award has been budgeted. That's been the pattern. Clear the streets, pay the legal claims against you. Until the penalty is really punitive, cities which face mass protests will continue to violate its citizen's civil liberties. Take the money. It may be the only instance where Homeland Security spending will go to the disadvantaged or you.

R68 distributes handout for DNC events

It's finally off the press and ready for distribution. Recreate-68's schedule will be available from the usual suspects along the Front Range and at Civic Center Park anytime from Saturday morning forward. Check with Unconventional Action, Tent State and Code Pink for more. Excerpt: CAP -Capitol Building, CIV -Civic Center Park, CUE -Cuernavaca Park, LIN -Lincoln Park (Capitol), SKY -Skyline Park

Cindy Sheehan & Public Enemy at DNC

DENVER- DNC demonstration organizers Recreate 68 announced today that Cindy Sheehan will be speaking at its END THE OCCUPATION rally on Sunday. Sheehan will join Cynthia McKinney and other luminaries at the kick-off of R68's antiwar activities surrounding the DNC. The bigger news today was that Public Enemy will be coming together for the cause with a free concert on Tuesday afternoon, August 26, at Denver's Civic Center Park. 1. Public Enemy Free Concert The Re-create 68 Alliance has announced that in addition to free shows by Dead Prez, Rebel Diaz and Blue Scholars, and 22 other influential bands, the historic and legendary political hip-hop band Public Enemy (The original line-up) will be playing a free concert at Civic Center Park on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 2pm which is expected to draw thousands (no tickets necessary). 2. Cindy Sheehan Joins Us in Denver The Re-create 68 Alliance also announced that anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente will be joining their historic line-up of speakers who include Ida Audeh, Kathleen Cleaver, Ward Churchill, Mark Cohen, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., Larry Hales, Larry Holmes, Ron Kovic, Glenn Spagnuolo, Pamela Africa, King Downing, Jenny Esquiveo, Mumia Abu Jamal - Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row for the DNC), Gloria Estela La Riva, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, Ann Erika White Bird, and others. 3. March and Street Theater in the Freedom Cage Monday August 25 at 9am, Re-create will be staging a street theater demo at the Freedom Cages. We need your assistants and can explain the details when you arrive. We will be starting at Skyline Park on the 16th Street Mall and head to the Freedom Cages at the Pepsi Center. If you cherish your civil liberties, than you should be apart of this event! For more information on other speakers and bands, go to

Recreate 68 explains diplomatic silence

DENVER- From Recreate 68 e-news flash: "We would like to reiterate the fact that, contrary to reports, all of the events coordinated by R-68 are permitted and legal events and are organized with our statement of non-violence and our statement of principles of solidarity in mind." R-68 announced its updated schedule for the DNC, and breaks its silence about the over-publicized acrimony between DNC protest organizers. Before we list the events, R-68 would like to take a moment and address an ever-increasing amount of attacks from the more conservative quarters on the left. Many have asked us to respond to multiple false and inaccurate claims and smear jobs put out by other organizations and individuals. These types of mis-information campaigns have a long history here in Denver and across this country. When an organization allies with the voices of the oppressed and becomes effective, the attacks escalate. These attacks and counter-organizations started over a year ago but have come and gone. R-68 has always maintained a principled position and refused to engage in this behavior due to our belief that the left needs unity and solidarity now more than ever and this unproductive in-fighting is a distraction to the larger global issues we face. Our actions and behavior speak louder than words and we will continue to try to set the example of principled behavior for our communities. We will not respond, in kind, to these slanderous attacks, but instead, will maintain our focus to provide a forum for oppressed communities and communities of color and to do what we can to amplify their voices on the political stage. Our events will reflect all of the hard work and commitment to the vision that was shared with us at the beginning of our organizing efforts, a vision that became the foundation and blueprint for our actions from respected voices and leaders in this struggle from the communities mentioned above. Unfortunately, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, two voices for true change in this country, have become targets of some of this unnecessary and unproductive rage that has been perpetuated by what we refer to as spirit snipers. Spirit snipers are people who take shots from afar at others working for change, while doing nothing positive in the community. We applaud the principled stand that Cynthia & Rosa have taken in the face of threats and intimidation to their campaign for the highest office in this land. It is not often that one will find such a morally sound base in a political ticket or individual. So yes, R-68 does support a "black" candidate and a "female" candidate - that is why we support Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente! ... 1. Press Conference R-68 will be hosting a press conference on Monday, August 18, 2008 at 2pm in Civic Center Park at the Greek Amphitheater. We will be announcing the name and the date of performance of a historic politically driven band that

Second to last meeting for Recreate 68

DENVER- R68 held its second to last organizational meeting Thursday, closing almost a year and a half of preparations for the upcoming DNC. It's been a long struggle against detractors, traitors and weak links, but the DNC rallies, concerts, marches and actions are coming together.

Green Party-pooper insubordination more embarrassing than imaginable

And I thought I hade a vivid imagination. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has issued a press release detailing her explicit intention to participate in the Sunday DNC rally. The letter is very diplomatic but it spells out the ultimatum she was given by the Colorado Greens to desist. Compelling reading. On a related note. Cindy Sheehan will also be joining the lineup. This represents a significant divergence from her close allies Medea Benjamin and UFPJ's Leslie Cagan. It shouldn't be that way. If you're not inclined to read McKinney's letter, and I'll add it's as direct as her speeches, I can summarize the threats made and actions taken. Spoiler alert. For agreeing to speak at a rally organized by R-68: Resignation threatened. Fundraiser, place to stay, withdrawn. All scheduled engagements canceled. Assistance to get on Wyoming ballot, withdrawn. Every effort to remove her from Colorado ballot, threatened. McKinney was also informed she had been last choice candidate of Colorado delegation. So there. Are we witnessing someone's hissy-fit nervous self-immolation? Could be, but it packs the wallop of a suicide bomber. Local party gutted; bystanders, fellow Greens, burned; vital preparations annulled just months from the election. Third parties probably attract people who have difficulty with authority. In this case with irreparable consequence. Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente Announce Their Participation in Anti-war, Anti-human rights Abuse Events Before the DNC August 14, 2008 As the United States activated Navy ships and the Air Force to begin an airlift of non-specified goods into the former Soviet state of Georgia, and military exercises began in the Persian Gulf near Iran, I received communications from certain individuals among the Colorado Greens who were organizing campaign support events there, suggesting that I not participate in an anti-war program being organized by other individuals in Colorado. Perplexed, I began to do my research to understand the nature of the fissure that I seemed to be placing myself in the middle of. The communications to me about not participating in one of the scheduled events became more and more shrill. The events ran through August 26th. When the lineup of speakers, including Rosa and me, was announced for the events in question, I received multiple communications stating in various ways that the sender from the Green Party of Colorado, was on the verge of desperation over the matter. Within a few hours, I was reading messages stating that the Green Party of Colorado would be ruined if I participated in the End the Occupations/End the War march and rally slated to take place on the morning of August 24th on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol, or if Rosa participated in a Freedom March and Rally for Human Rights and Political Prisoners at Civic Center Park the following day. An article appeared in a local Colorado newspaper stating that Rosa and I would not appear at the events for which we had been scheduled. Rosa responded to our Colorado

Denver Greens turn backs on candidate

Vote Green of course! Try to ignore the louses who presume to speak for them locally. First the Denver Greens fired off press releases insisting that Recreate 68 retract the announcement that Cynthia McKinney would be speaking at the Sunday antiwar rally. Now they've revised their initial statement, omitting the correction, saying only: "Nevertheless, the Green Party of Colorado is not in any way associated with Recreate ’68." So... are you going to tell your fellow greens, God Bless them, where they can come hear their presidential and vice-presidential candidates? It's encouraging that you are no longer sticking to your original invective: "Both candidates, and the Green Party of Colorado, are refuting this announcement and are stating that neither candidate, nor the Green Party of Colorado, are in any way associated with Recreate ’68, nor will any of their candidates be speaking at or attending any event, nor are they in any way associated with the group Recreate ’68." But shouldn't you retract your refutation? No, the Green's Claire Ryder won't clarify the McKinney/Clemente appearance. She won't correct the confusion she created, and she won't temper disparagement of DNC protest organizers. No, but she will reiterate anew: Let's be real clear about this. The Green Party of Colorado, the Adams-Jeffco, Arapahoe and Denver Greens have absolutely no connection or affiliation with the group touting itself as 'Recreate '68'. The problem is reversed with the Democrats. Those at the grassroots are activated by the best intentions. They are betrayed by the corporate top. In the case of the Greens, the candidates are about as bright and impressive as it gets, but the party dregs have their yard-sale mentality. They've got to deal with their neighbors who accuse them of spoiling the vote. I imagine it's hard not to reassure your friends you will of course support Obama. Oh, I'm sorry if I've confused what the Greens are about. Is it about supporting all green issues? Is it about backing greenish Dems? No doubt it has to be. But that's not a political party. If they won't say it, I will! VOTE GREEN!

R68 training sessions, Saturday Aug 23

There will be a series of trainings to prepare demonstrators for the events of the DNC week. Trainings are as scheduled Saturday, August 23, starting at noon, in two sessions, 12-3pm and 3-6pm, at Lincoln Park in front of the State Capitol in Denver. SESSION ONE: 12-3pm 12pm - 1pm Training Area 1 Health & Safety for Activists (Colorado Street Medics) Training Area 2 Non-Technical Blockades (Re-create 68 Alliance) 1pm - 2pm Training Area 1 Logistics Training (Unconventional Denver) Training Area 2 Self-Defense for Protesters (Gumm Mixed Martial Arts) 2pm - 3pm Training Area 1 Know Your Rights (People's Law Project) Training Area 2 Drumming for Demos (The Back Bone Campaign) SESSION TWO: 3-6pm The above lessons, repeated in the 3, 4 & 5 time slots:

R68 announces speakers to counter DNC

DENVER- The Recreate 68 Alliance has announced its lineup of speakers for the DNC rallies. Among them: Pamela Africa (MOVE), Kathleen Cleaver, Rosa Clemente, Ward Churchill, Jenny Esquiveo (spokesperson for Eric McDavid), Fred Hampton Jr., a recording from Mumia Abu Jamal, Cha Cha Jimenez, Ron Kovic, Cynthia McKinney, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, and a spokesperson for the Cuban Five. Sunday, August 24: End the Occupations/End the War March & Rally 9am - 2pm West Steps of the State Capitol Building to the Pepsi Center This will be Denver's largest anti-war, anti-illegal occupations march and rally. Speakers (Alphabetical): Ida Audeh - Palestinian Refugee Kathleen Cleaver - Black Panthers Ward Churchill - Long-time Author, Activist, and Scholar Mark Cohen - Re-create 68 Alliance Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. - Prisoners of Conscience Committee Larry Hales - World Worker's Party and Re-create 68 Alliance Larry Holmes - Troops Out Now Coalition Ron Kovic - anti-war activist, veteran and author of Born On The Fourth of July Cynthia Mckinney - Green Party United States Presidential Candidate Glenn Spagnuolo - Re-create 68 Alliance Bands: David Rovic - State Capitol Steps, kicking of the rally M1 and Stic Man from Dead Prez - State Capitol Steps, prior to the march Blue Scholars - Concert at State Capitol, after the march Jim Page - State Capitol Steps, during the rally Monday, August 25: Freedom March and Rally for Human Rights and Political Prisoners, 10am - 2pm Civic Center Park to the Federal Court House Speakers (Alphabetical): Pamela Africa - MOVE Organization American Indian Movement Spokes Person- Leonard Peltier Defense Rosa Clemente - United States Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party Kathleen Cleaver - The Panther Nine from San Francisco King Downing - National Coordinator of the ACLU's Campaign Against Racial Profiling Jenny Esquiveo- Spokesperson for Eric McDavid (Political Prisoner) Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. - Prisoners of Conscience Committee Mumia Abu Jamal - Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row) Cha Cha Jimenez- Founder of the Young Lords (Puerto Rican Resistance Prisoners) Ricardo Romero - National Coordinator for the Mexican Liberation Organization Natsu Saito - Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar (Guantanamo Inmates) Spokesperson for the Cuban Five Bands: ** Special Guest Band To Be Announced ** Monday, August 25: Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time - 3pm Civic Center Park (free concerts) Bands: Savage Family - From Illegally Occupied U.S. Dinigunim - San Diego DJ Cavem - Five Points, CO Moetavation - Five Points, CO DJ Asar Heru - Brooklyn Karma - Barbados Whiskey Blanket - Boulder Midstate Music - Chicago Dario Rosa - Boulder Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts Tuesday, August 26: Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time - 3pm Civic Center Park (free concerts) Bands: Debajo Del Agua - Denver DKO-Electric Horns - Denver Melanie Susuras Band - Denver Rebel Diaz - Bronx The Night Kitchen - Boulder From The Depths - North Carolina Black Sheep Brigade - Boulder Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts Poets for Monday and Tuesday: Isis, Ladyspeech, Bianca, Lucifury, Allende, Bobby LeFebre (members from Nationally Ranked Slam Nuba Team 2008) Additional Speakers Throughout the Week: Deb Sweet - World Can't Wait Mason Tyert - SAFER Timothy Tipton - Rocky Mountain Caregiver's Cooperative Ben Manski - Bring the Guard Home CHOIR - 'Acapella Choir with a conscience' from Oakland/San Francisco Ramona Africa - MOVE Organization Tuesday, August 26: Liberation Soirée at Dazzle, 930 Lincoln St. - 8pm

When preaching ‘nonviolence’ promotes violence

The division in Denver amongst groups supposedly building protests at the Democratic Party National Convention offers us a prime example of how excessive preaching of 'nonviolence' in a religious manner can actually encourage police violence against the protesters who are the most critical of the dominant political establishment. Groups allied with the United For Peace and Justice coalition split off from Recreate '68 claiming that the leaders were not sufficiently committed to being nonviolent. By doing so, they gave the police rhetorical backup for anything they might do at the DNC to protesters that come to protest the politics as usual agenda of the Democratic Party. This split was a divisive blow against having a united Left political organization focusing on advocating Progressive ideas at the big event, which the DNC represents in the US, and those who arrive to protest will find themselves in the streets with a split organizing leadership, all due to the rather sectarian religious rhetoric of the 'nonviolence' preachers. The truth is, the Democratic Party tied leaders of the United for Peace and Justice don't really want that much of a real protest at the DNC because most of these UFPJ leaders' are tied to the philosophy of voting for the so-called lesser of two evils. They plan to encourage people to vote for the Democratic Party candidate. The non-violence issue has allowed them an excuse to make the protest against the Democratic Party smaller, divided, and inconsequential. Further it allows them to label their political opponents in the Peace Movement, those not tied to the Democratic Party like they are, as being unreasonable agitators who want confrontation, which is actually how the corporate press of this country wants to portray all protesters. The reality is that there are no members of the Recreate '68 coalition that are violence prone, and everybody wants the protests at the DNC to be nonviolent. However, the 'I am more nonviolent than you' preaching from the Alliance for Real Democracy crowd has obscured that, something that can only help create greater police violence and not less.

R68 Festival of Democracy band line-up

The R68 Festival of Democracy Music Schowcase fliers have hit the street. The 2-evening lineups includes Boulder bands BLACK SHEEP BRIGADE, DARIO ROSA, NIGHT KITCHEN and WHISKEY BLANKET. Festival of Democracy MUSIC SHOWCASE August 25 3pm SAVAGE FAMILY Illegally Occupied US 4pm DINIGUNIM San Diego 5pm DJ CAVEM/MOETAVATION Five Points       DJ ASAR HERU Brooklyn       KARMA Barbados 7pm WHISKEY BLANKET Boulder 8pm MIDSTATES MUSIC Chicago 9pm DARIO ROSA Boulder August 26 3pm DEBAJO DEL AGUA Denver 4pm DKO-ELECTRIC HORNS Denver 5pm MELANIE SUSURAS BAND Denver 6pm REBEL DIAZ Bronx 7pm THE NIGHT KITCHEN Boulder 8pm FROM THE DEPTHS North Carolina 9pm BLACK SHEEP BRIGADE Boulder With speakers and poets between acts. CIVIC CENTER PARK, DOWNTOWN DENVER Broadway/Bannock & Colfax/14th FREE!

Unconventional Denver DNC schedule

From Disruption'08: Denver is currently overflowing with plans from an extremely diverse array of groups for different types of demonstrations, music festivals, street parties and actions that will occur during the entire week of the convention. The many events are roughly broken down into theme days (see below). Anarchists and anticapitalists are working on many aspects of this mobilization but have a general focus of expanding acts of resistance outside permitted areas, radicalizing the debate around the Democrats, and ensuring that during the convention there will be no business as usual in Denver! Schedule of actions: SUNDAY the 24th -10:30am, Civic Center Park: Massive march against militarization and occupations called for by Recreate 68. This will be a family-friendly, low-risk event. -Midday: Funk the War! Following the march, a large, low-risk street party called for by the Alliance for Real Democracy will fill downtown with music and festivities against the war -Late Afternoon: As the convention-goers check into hotels and attend their pre-convention party, our own raging party in resistance to the militarized occupation of Denver and the world will reclaim public space and spread the festivities onto the streets. Be ready to take the rowdy celebration to the doorsteps of delegate hotels etc. MONDAY the 25th -10:30am, Civic Center Park: March against the prison industrial complex and for freedom for all political prisoners. -Evening: Meet at the Civic Center at 6pm to join the anticapitalist march (see below) or participate in organized and decentralized actions that will actively disrupt the capitalist corruption and cronyism of the two party system by targeting specific fundraisers, delegate parties and corporations backing the DNC. come ready for quick decentralized actions spanning the downtown area at a variety of risk levels. TUESDAY the 26th -Afternoon: Confront the Spectacle- We vote no! As delegates are arriving at the Pepsi Center, snake marches will converge on the entrances through the fence of the no-protest zone in order to create spaces for different levels of delegate movement disruption. Flying squads will assist the disruption and create distractions as we bring their party to a halt. WEDNESDAY the 27th -All day: Actions and alternatives- Real solutions to the climate crisis! A day of direct action against ecological destruction. We will create solutions to global warming without the politicians by shutting down sources of greenhouse gas emissions and corporations who destroy the earth (and fund the Democrats). we will also engage in creative resistance outlining solutions and alternatives; bike bloc! car free zones! guerrilla gardening! THURSDAY the 28th -10:30am, Rude Park: No Borders March! No one is illegal! Join this national mobilization for immigrants rights and help us draw connections between the struggles of immigrant communities and the struggle against global capitalism. This will be a low-risk event safe for all people regardless of immigration status. so play nice. -Evening: A special Denver anarchist variety show party, put on by none other then Denver’s Louis Vitton. ALSO: A precarious workers council of UA has called for an anti-capitalist force to manifest at the DNC as a black bloc on the evening of Monday the 25th. This will