Deep Nuclear Espionage in FBI Exposes U.S. Criminality

FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmond’s original 2001 allegations of drug running and money laundering within FBI now exposes in the articles below, selling of nuclear secrets by an inner group of Turks within the FBI is connected to U.S. officials, Pakistan and Israel. Don’t expect the U.S. press to cover this. Because Pakistan’s ISI is a CIA/Army Intel. branch created and funded by way of 80’s proxy war against Russia in Afghanistan, the U.S. will not support removal of Mushariff. He holds too many secrets. They’ll kill him if he threatens to expose U.S. criminals. He may become another long term U.S. ally similar to Egypt’s tyrant and anti-democratic Mubarak. Repressive regimes are part and parcel of the U.S. power players criminal activities.

From The Sunday Times, January 6, 2008
For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets

From The Sunday Times, January 20, 2008

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