Do we treat Iraqis worse than dogs?

Smiling executionerEveryone’s in an uproar about laughing US marines who videotaped themselves throwing an Iraqi pup off the edge of a cliff. I’m so embarrassed Americans can’t show similar alarm for the disposing of Iraqi children or babies. Hopefully this might lead some to be indignant at our soldiers’ equally well reported disrespect for human life.

Dear soldiers, keep the Youtube videos coming. Show us the children you are running over with your convoys, the women and infants you snipers are whacking like moles, the crowds you strafe indiscriminately, the families you bury with missile strikes, the detainees you torture. Put all that on video with your grinning psychopathic smiles. I mean, show us MORE of that. Eventually one of the videos will accidentally include a dog as collateral damage, or a dog losing its owner. Then Americans will empathize.

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1 Response to Do we treat Iraqis worse than dogs?

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Those dudes are like, what, Taking Drugs or something?

    You know, I googled Images “war dead” and came up with marines pissing on dead Iraqis, posing over their kill like Big Game Hunters back before people figured out that blowing away rhinos and Elephants and tigers and such wasn’t as cool or heroic as it was first painted to be.

    It’s nothing new, but what IS new would be that they have decided they no longer give a damn about “Hearts and Minds”… and are taking pictures of themselves doing really stupid shit.

    “Look, Ma! No BRAINS!”

    But tossing a puppy off a cliff is, I suppose, even stupider.

    There’s no way in Hell they’re gonna be able to claim the dog was an al Qa’eda operative.

    “We ordered the dog to drop the grenade, but he just kept coming.”

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