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Snapchats Austin Forget and Lauren Combs rescued a pet pig, then ate her.

MOLLY was a 3-year-old pot-bellied pig rescued from an abusive home. After nursing her back to health, a “no-kill” shelter in British Columbia adopted Molly to a creepy young couple in Duncan, Vancouver Island, who signed papers agreeing they wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Latest news from the Animal Rebellion –Police suspect Fowl Play

Man in California stabbed to death in cockfight… by the gamecock. Anglo “rooster fanciers” put needle-like spurs onto the rooster’s natural back spur. to enhance the bloodshed. Then complain that Mexicans put actual blades on them. It’s an ancient “sport” … Continue reading

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Put your dog-lover on a leash

How about a dog collar for dog lovers? If you find companionship in dogs, and read in their faces such “human” qualities as insight and empathy, why not show some empathy yourself and submit to their leash. I don’t mean … Continue reading

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How Beastly-Animals in Revolt…

Also titled “Unbearable” and “revolting animals”. The story, COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio – A bear attacked and killed its caretaker at the home of a man who kept a menagerie of dangerous, exotic beasts and ran afoul of animal regulators a … Continue reading

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O, Give me a home, where the Buffalo roam

…and I’ll show you a house that’s not clean But let’s skip to the main issue… Non-pet animals being used as mascots. Now, I had seen on the commercials last year that the CSU football team uses a live Bison … Continue reading

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Update on the Vuvuzela ban in British Soccer

I mentioned the cheaply made plastic horns being banned on the ridiculous “public safety-homeland security” excuse that they could be a weapon. Now, I’ve a passing familiarity with weapons and the scars and record to prove it. If you could … Continue reading

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Animal Liberation Lone Wolf betrayed by ATF informant, literature and tattoo

Pardon the delay, but when an activist is arrested for the literature he’s carrying, I’ve got to find that material. 34-year-old Walter Edmund Bond was arraigned today for setting the Denver Sheepskin Factory fire in May. ATF agents report that … Continue reading

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The Toilet Paper Bears – A Fitting Analogy for once.

So, leave aside the notion that male bears tend to eat their offspring. It’s a little too graphic for the anthropomorphists But one of their new themes is Poppa Bear and Little Bear in a rowboat fishing. Little Bear gets … Continue reading

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Attack of the Killer Killer Whales

Is it right to confine wild animals within concrete walls and train them to serve man’s amusement? Making the argument that some beasts cannot be domesticated, to defend Sea World’s killer orca showing his untamed nature, is to sell mammal … Continue reading

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Tapping into the nutrition of life energy

Yes, it’s a live fish. The Youtube video upsetting PETA depicts Chinese diners poking at the still gasping mouth of what’s for dinner. The plate isn’t hot, but watch your fingers! The meat is blackened to a crisp, while from … Continue reading

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The high regard we hold for nobility

The British royal family has shot Argentines, Iraqis and Afghans. Prince Harry is sneaking back to Afghanistan to kill more. You think they won’t beat a dog? His Royal Highness The Prince, Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex, Viscount … Continue reading

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We are just wiping out primates

One of the most disturbing things about lifestyle vegetarians and the group PETA is that they consistently distract people from paying attention to the real dangers to animals on this planet. They want to fight about whether one should have … Continue reading

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Animal experimentation is messed up

The homes of two UC Santa Cruz researchers were attacked by animal rights extremists with fire bombs, purportedly for using lab animals in UCSC scientific experimentation. “I don’t know what they did to deserve that,” a 19-year-old student bystander told … Continue reading

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Is it Rodeo time again? Damn…

Seems like only last year that somebody angrily was denouncing the contention that putting a pull-up cinch around the testicles of a bull in order to make him fight the rider more aggressively somehow causes PAIN to the animal. Ummm… … Continue reading

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The United Nations starves the poor in Haiti

What a pathetic spectacle, the great supposed defender of all humanity, all nations, and respecter of human rights everywhere… the United Nations… has its military now defending the national palace of a US installed group of thugs in Haiti. Yes, … Continue reading

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Do we treat Iraqis worse than dogs?

Everyone’s in an uproar about laughing US marines who videotaped themselves throwing an Iraqi pup off the edge of a cliff. I’m so embarrassed Americans can’t show similar alarm for the disposing of Iraqi children or babies. Hopefully this might … Continue reading

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No more reporting on the beef recall?

The largest beef recall in history has taught us what, so far? That 37 million pounds went to the USDA school lunch program, which was distributed to schools unknown. We quietly presume the USDA had been pawning off the questionable … Continue reading

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Mad Scientists

No, this is not about scientists that are mad about the Bush Administration’s manipulation of scientific data. This is about insane scientists that are forecasting a better world ahead with the invention of human-machine cyborgs. Machines will achieve human-level artificial … Continue reading

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Stupor Tuesday

It’s Stupor Tuesday! Across this Great Nation of ours we’re all pretending to have a democracy tomorrow! Voters will have chance to vote for a future female imperialist, a future Black imperialist, or several assorted knuckle-headed imperialists ala Dick Cheney, … Continue reading

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International Animal Rights Day DEC 10

December 10th is Human Rights Day, not by coincidence, to commemorate the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   As the human animal, might we not well consider our own privilege to apply equally to our fellow co-habitants, for whom … Continue reading

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Saying grace

Is grace recited before meals anymore? It seems the bigger the dinner, the more preparation or participation that goes into the repast, the greater is the sense that something is missing if we omit the prayer to dive into our … Continue reading

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Animal cruelty at the rodeo

I just learned how they make horses and bulls jump up and down at the rodeo. I must admit I wondered why it was that the animals suddenly leaped about madly (bronc’d) after they got out of the gate and … Continue reading

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