The US and France invade Sudan

The ‘Save Darfur’ saviors often said that they were not promoting military intervention, but they lied to us. We knew they were lying all the time. And in local Peace group after another, many have been conned into promoting US and European military intervention under the idea that that would help stop a genocide, a sad replay of how many liberals ended up encouraging a war against Yugoslavia, also supposedly to stop a genocide. What those liberals and lost Leftists ended up doing was actually help pave the road to a a very real and ongoing US genocide against the Iraqi people.

Sudan troops clash with EU Force

Congratulations, Bleeding Hearts with Oh such good intentions! Unable to successfully mobilize to stop the US wars against Somalia, Afghanistan, the Palestinians, and Iraq, you have now successfully helped enable yet more US and European militarism, and this time into Africa! How fulfilled you must feel now?

Of course the real genocides will keep going on because your own government, which you have been calling on to ‘do something’, is the actual cause of most of them. Is it really all that hard to figure out? Not really.

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