Election less like horse race than curling

News anchors report our elections like they were horse races. But I think the media upper class are more disinterested than we think, and less.

I will agree that election play by play is presented like it was sport. We’re given pundits musing about strategies and results without a sense that one election outcome could mean anything different than another. News-people are entitled to their disinterest, maybe even their own sense of objectivity, but who wins an election is only half of the story. It’s what they’re going to do after the election.

I suppose that would be to expect reporters to convey subjectivity, if issues and outcome mattered. If the election is no more than a spectator sport, I think that horse racing is the wrong analogy.

Calling an election reminds me completely of curling. Curling is the mostly Canadian sport of throwing a heavy thing down a long lane of ice, much like shuffleboard. But in curling skaters travel ahead and, by sweeping furiously on the path before it, they can effect the course of the object in motion, to bring it to the position they intend.

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