Who to blame if nobama

nobama pinA lot of people are still irrepressibly buzzed about electing Barack Obama to the presidency. For many months now the prospect has buoyed such hope, that Obama’s victory over John McCain has seemed almost foregone. I hate to suggest we’re starting to catch a whiff of an ill wind change.

School children still jump up and down at the mention of Obama, who they know is clearly better than smells-like-farts McCain. But while you might marvel that schoolteachers are passing along this election enthusiasm, they’re also making sure not to get the children’s hopes too high. “America, the children explain soberly, may still have too much racism.”

Or too many nay-sayers. Or discontents who’ll split the vote.

Anyone who thinks that public protest of Obama, or criticism of Obama, or too spirited derision of Sarah Palin, will sink Obama’s bid for the presidency, is ignoring who the real party pooper is already showing itself to be. It’s their party and the corporate shills are going to cry when they get their cue.

The media had to get excited about Obama when their focus groups confirmed he’d caught the public’s interest. In the meantime of course they gave McCain a free ride, with the exception of telling old man jokes at his expense. But now that they’ve played along with the DNC, and given equal time and a half for the RNC, the mouthpieces have liberated themselves from nonpartisanship.

Did you watch any of the RNC? Are the media describing it with superlatives where you’d have used expletives? From now until November, the pundits are going to cover John McCain on the campaign trail according to scripted GOP talking points. And they’ll report the travails of Barack Obama, according to the GOP talking points too.

You’d almost be convinced that there is a difference between the two corporate parties, considering the ferocity the media displays in protecting its apparently conservative interests. On the other hand, the more uphill the challenge looks for Obama, the more ad revenue MoveOn members will pump into the effort. All that campaign spending pours into one place, the national media.

Wake up and smell the shit coming from your television.

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  1. I think that the majority of the American ruling class is getting ready to jettison the Republicans out from the White House for the next 4 years. Even they get embarrassed and frustrated with how clunky, rinky dink, and incompetent the Republican Machine now is, though it is true that the rat-like attitude and outright corruption of the Republicans does appeal to much of the elite, since they like seeing copies of themselves in the mirror and on the news.

    It is really amazing how little The People have to do with making the choice! There is sort of a market democracy where top dollars rule at work here, but the majority are completely shut out of this maze of buy and sell.

    The super rich really are not going to allow such a clownish governmental administration to go along for another 4 years since it seriously undermines their long term control over the world at this point. To them, Biden represents ruling class ability while McCain-Palin offer them next to nothing. It really will boil down to just that.

    Obama-Biden will take it easily IMO. But as they say, never underestimate the stupidity of the American ruling class, since they really have degenerated into a classless group of buffoons at this point, with a few exceptions to prove the general rule. Still, it would be shooting themselves in the feet to not put Obama in to clean up the Republican mess some. Or at least to take blame in the public’s eyes for the economic catastrophe now in march.

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