Elliot Spitzer plays role model Democrat

Elliot Spitzer resigns having discredited the New York Governor’s Office with unsavory impropriety. No sooner had phone taps revealed his financial exchanges with a prostitute, than Republicans were calling for Spitzer’s resignation or he would face impeachment. Where do his political opponents get those kind of balls?

Are the articles of impeachment only for Republicans to charge? Is impeachment like a filibuster, only Republicans need apply? In fact, Republicans need only IMPLY they’ll do it and Democrats cave. How many Republican lawmakers and office holders have faced scandal yet clung tenaciously to fulfill their term? Why am I using the past tense?

The nation’s highest office, criminal by any standard of international law, beyond the severity of an intern blow-job, and impeachment is declared off the table by the senior Democrat? What are Democrats not telling the public about the real pecking order in Washington?

People like to say there’s no difference between the two parties. Of course that’s true. It’s the same Greek Fraternity. Except the Dems are the Pledges being rushed and hazed, to remain Plebes, never to graduate to the senior positions of the Republicans. Oh they can have their Bill Clinton, a moment on the hot seat, all the while being razzed and stymied by the Repugs who own the whole damn college.

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