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The US Special Forces as a lily-white military career, a post-mortem survey

The US Department of Defense finally released the list of US soldiers killed on the NATO MH-47 Chinook helicopter downed in Afghanistan. Median age was in high 30s, which is unsurprising for highly trained Special Ops, but isn’t it interesting … Continue reading

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US casualties: better sooner than later, it’s the only way they’re coming home

Massive setback in Afghanistan, Special Forces Chinook shot down causing a record number of American deaths, thirty, two dozen of them Navy SEALs. Is this Obama’s plan to draw down our forces, by attrition? The night raid truncation is the … Continue reading

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The man-purse for behind enemy lines

A staple of army surplus stores since the days Banana Republic was the Starbucks of olive drab, the Israeli Paratrooper Bag was marketed as the Swiss Army Knife of handbags. Beside the ludicrous notion that an airborne assault fighter would … Continue reading

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As was long suspected, then reported, and the reporters mocked..

Like when Dr Laura’s son was using MySpace to boast of war crimes in which he participated or fantasized about committing, denounced by Ms. Schlesinger and others on the RightWing Lunatic Fringe as being “hacked” onto his account… along with … Continue reading

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What are US Special Forces doing in the Philippines? Killing Filipinos.

At a recent party, I ran into a friend who mentioned her son was in the Philippines. “He’s in the Special Forces,” she explained tentatively in view of her audience, adding disarmingly “who knows what they are doing there.” I … Continue reading

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Pennisula Hotel standoff in Manila

Philippine special forces about to storm the Pennisula Hotel in Makati Rizal commercial district, where would-be coup leaders are defying arrest. It’s the clown car gag, minus the clown car, isn’t it? It reminds me of Halloween in the walled … Continue reading

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