Get the US/ UN out of Somalia now

It’s the war that nobody talks about. It’s Bush’s war on the Somali people. Add this war to the list of US government foreign policy, joining Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon as countries the US is destroying by engaging in war with them. It is not just about Iraq at all, and Somali is an area where the US government is committing a slow moving genocide. Battles erupt in Somali capital

Read the reports and discover that the US has displaced 60% of the population of Mogadishu and turned most of them into starving refugees. Proud to be an American now?

What is the solution to all this? Bush now wants to move in UN troops to do the dirty work for the Pentagon since his Ethiopian invasion simply has not been enough to pacify the country for the US. Somali UN peace force considered But there is a better way to end all this suffering, and that is simply to get the US and its Ethiopian proxy troops out of Somalia, and to keep the US from sending in UN proxy troops to replace the defeated Ethiopians.

The catastrophe in Somalia is made in America. Save Somalia! Get the US out now!

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