Heading up to Garden of the Gods

Up by the Balanced Rocks. Gonna play the flute and make a little medicine.

Sell some jewelry too if I’m lucky.

I’ll be up there around 4 or so.

Probably the Drum Tribe will be somewhere around.

Earth day co-opted by corporations, yeah.

Jesus, even McDonalds is doing “green”.

Ah, well…

Maybe we’ll be able to play them like a finely tuned fiddle.

Kind of like when the empire co-opted Jesus way back when, well… when you try to just use the name of somebody who preaches peace, sooner or later, there’ll be followers who, you know, actually BELIEVE in peace and will take it back from you.

Maybe we can take back Green the same way, only without the 2000 years or so of truly unnecessary bloodshed.

4 thoughts on “Heading up to Garden of the Gods

  1. Yo BJ,
    Sounds nice. Do you ever do this music thing on a sunday? Only day off for me. What sort of jewelry do you sell? Maybe one day I will be able to hear your music.

    May the force be with you.

  2. I make music everywhere I go. (except on the street in Manitou, you need a license (!) to do street music up there.

    just I have to sit to play, and once my legs start to stiffen up I have to lay off it for a while. I go to King Soopers on the west side all the time.

    I’m fixin’ to put up pictures of my jewelry in about a couple of hours, one of my friends is offering to use his Ebay account for them.

    I can’t call it Indian or Native because I don’t have a tribal card.

    Medicine Jewelry would be the best word for it.

    Or Green, it’s made from reworked computer innards and salvaged jewelry, you would have to sit and listen to the stories behind it to understand.

    But Medicine and Green and Spirit are words which can be strung together or used interchangeably.

    Repair, reuse, reduce recycle and I’m probably forgetting a couple of ‘R’s there, but that’s just a slogan to get conversation and education started.

  3. Jonah, make sure you post a link for us. I’d love to see what you’ve created!

  4. Realize. Respond. Reveal. Your “R”s are contageous Jonah! Best wishes.

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