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Local cyclists shred Garden of the Gods

GARDEN OF THE GODS, COLORADO SPRINGS– Mountain bike X-tremists and thrillcraft eco-vandals Jason Memmelaar and Chris Heath weren’t apprehended by the El Paso County Sheriff or the CSPD, but interrupted by off-duty park ranger Stephanie Stover, who saw them cutting … Continue reading

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How to discuss the “mosque rule” at the Powwow… Suggestions?

The Powwow will be September 25 at Rock Ledge Ranch, “technically” according to the West Side Pioneer, local newsletter, a part of the Garden of the Gods. Which is a sacred site for American Indians. The same people who put … Continue reading

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Mountain bikers in Garden of the Gods

GARDEN OF THE GODS, COLORADO- Some bastards don’t give a shit about ecology, they’ll enjoy nature as they ruin it for everybody else. These mountain bikers were despoiling a completely off-limits terrain on Sunday, and fortunately we had cameras handy. … Continue reading

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Landmarks in memoriam

A past love of mine spent a couple summers working at Mt Rushmore at the visitor’s center. She longed for me to see it and eventually she took me there. I had already formed a vivid image of her youthful … Continue reading

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