Hillary Girly-Girl Clinton

Hillary is our girly-girl candidate. She is a lady who stuck by her husband in his moment of need, and who has come to grips with her failure to fully sexually satisfy her man. Still, she is strong enough to deal with major policy issues in foreign affairs. In short, she will not turn and run, not even when confronted by hordes of Kenneth Starrs, let alone Osama bin Laden!

Hillary is a girly-girl trailer trash lady. As such, she will get millions of votes from those (women) who want this ‘new type’ of leader in office. She is almost as popular among American women as Lorena Bobbitt once was in Ecuador.

Some call her a lesbian, but that just is not fair. She is more of a bitch, and as such, she will get the votes of all those bitches that love those pretty little bitch bumper stickers that can be seen expressing bitch pride on so many an American vehicle. Go Hillary, you bitch!

If she wins, look for full medical coverage to be implemented for all women and children, but for the health insurance companies to still not deliver health care to those non-military men currently without. These guys deserve what they don’t get according to the tough American bitch crowd, that Hillary is so much personified with! After all, these men probably will not vote for Hillary, the All American Girly-Girl candidate anyway.

Also, look for the return of more Janet Reno and Madelyn Albright types into government office. Ouch! And look out Waco! Look for women just as ugly and obnoxious as the men politicos to be given reign once again. Look for wimpy George Stephanopolopolis and slimy slicks like Husband Willy to be back pontificating once again. Jessie will be heard from once again. Oh Sweet Nostalgia!

In short, look for people to re-elect Dick Cheney in 2016 after 8 more long years of the Clinton Hillbillies back to power. Hillary Girly Girl will set America up for another shotgun blast to its heart! We’ll then be ready for a multi-trillion $$$ Republican led occupation of Kazakhstan by the time she gets through with us. If you vote for Hillary, you’ll get an affair with Mr Green Jeans, Al Gore! Good for a whale of a good time, perhaps? Vote for the bitchy Girly Girl! Vote Hillary!

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