John ‘Wayne’ McCain

John is our tough guy candidate. But he’s not all that tough, and we should think of him as a Dick Cheney-Light sort of guy. As such, he’s more likely to shoot birds with a nuclar weapon instead of a shotgun, since it’s much safer. That’s the type of guy John ‘Wayne’ McCain is. Safe and sound when it comes to foreign policy. Yet tough. Very tough.

With John, you get a guy who’s respectful of religion. McCain is well known for promoting serial monogamy in his own life, and can be depended on to give religious leaders like Pastor John Hagee more access to the White House than they have gotten from Dubya. John McCain might actually be God’s chosen candidate to lead us to ultimate victory over The Heathen? But then again, he might actually be Satan in disguise? Many thought that was Mitt Romney, but Satan has a way of fooling people.

With John ‘Wayne’ McCain, look for private property like guns to receive the respect that they have not been getting. If you don’t like it, then you can go to jail. It’s as simple as that, and ‘Wayne’ don’t play around with the bad guys. Look for socialized public schools to be sold to outfits like the Montessori and Catholic chains. Look for evolution to be taught only as a theory, and the Bible not.

Did you like Dubya but felt that he was not quite heroic enough? Then get tough and vote McCain. That should send the pinko liberals a message they will have trouble ever forgetting. America doesn’t want their faggots to run the country, not when John ‘Wayne’ McCain can come riding in in White. Don’t let the men dressed in dark take over the White House. Vote tough! Vote for John ‘Wayne’….. McCain!

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