Israel end Palestine Occupation now!

Israel Go Home
Need some protest slogan ideas for Tuesday’s JUSTICE FOR PALESTINE demonstration in Acacia Park? (4:30-5:30pm)

CSAction offers the following:
Free Palestine / Free Gaza
Justice for Palestine
Right of Return
Stop Apartheid
Judaism Yes, Zionism No
Make PEACE, not war
Stop the Gaza massacre
Stop the Killing
Genocide is not self defense
Massacre is not proportional
Collective Punishment is a War Crime

I would add:
Support the One State Solution
Democracy for all Israeli Citizens
Israel Give Non-Jews Right to Vote
Cease Zionist Apartheid Rule
Zionism = Racism

1 thought on “Israel end Palestine Occupation now!

  1. US OUT of AFGHANISTAN! …since all these wars are now inter-connected. Israel only acts as they do because we in the US allow our own government to slaughter others around the planet on an ongoing daily basis.

    I remember that one putz that told us to stay on focus when we protested their myopic call for greater US interventionism in Sudan during one of their misnamed ‘Save Darfur’ rallies. YES, we must stay on focus and that focus is our own US society and the rotten governments it constantly turns out. The US is just as much behind this carnage in Gaza as it is behind the carnage in Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

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