KRCC promoting Amy Goodman and DN!

Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio and Democracy Now!I stand corrected. In case you missed it in the comments, Delaney Utterback of KRCC wrote: “Amy Goodman will be at KRCC at about 3pm on Sunday, April 20th. She’ll speak out back–mid-music fest–pitch on air a bit and sign books . . . We’re planning our open house blitz next week, where, naturally, we will announce Amy’s appearance.”

In the meantime, let’s make sure the word does get out across all channels. There will be plenty of room for an audience at the KRCC event, and the pledge drive kick-off will be a great chance for YOU to ask KRCC for a drive-time slot for Democracy Now. HD2 won’t reach the masses. Most people listen to the radio in their car, and for KRCC listeners that is the FM signal. And most people do not change the station. Far too much corporate disinformation is reaching Colorado ears via NPR. It’s not enough to know where you can go for an alternative. Our average Colorado Springs friends and neighbors need to OVERHEAR real news reporting. Then they can figure out for themselves that NPR is only a hoity-toity version of FOX, disguised in familiar voices speaking in lower tones, lacking all but pretend critical analysis.

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  1. NPR is horrible! I volunteered some for the KRCC fund drive a year ago, but not this year. Having to listen to NPR inside the building while listening for incoming calls was a little too much for me.

    I’d almost rather be reading The Gazette editorial page even, since at least it’s funnier. And there just is nothing public at all about NPR since it is totally corporate in outlook and backing.

    And what’s with the NPR announcers? They sound often like they are holding their noses while whining their tidbits of blather out? Yuck! It all makes for a most unfortunate sound coming from KRCC to have this stuff on seemingly night and day.

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