Dave and 911 fail Dale Carnegie at KRCC

911 is a lieCOLORADO SPRINGS- Events took a shrill turn at the KRCC open house this weekend. My friend Dave got evicted from the party. If Dave can gather any consolation, I’d say he’s entitled to feel he did everything he could for the cause. Some would say a more gentle tact would have been more effective, but I think that wisdom is debatable for the 911 TRUTH keepers.

My friend Dave is a tireless advocate for the real story behind 911. He shares an ever-darkening hope -my sense- that if only the truth got out about what happened at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the whole Neocon ball of wax would melt like the towers, if steel can melt away like it did. Dave is so inflamed by the preposterousness of the lies supporting the official version of events, that he is determined to let no opportunity pass to raise his voice to cry foul.

Last Sunday, Dave’s chance was against Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, who came to visit KRCC. DN!, like its corporate news competitors, does not dwell on revisiting 911. Goodman has interviewed the makers of Loose Change, but that has been it. I remember the last time Goodman visited the Springs someone was trying to buttonhole her about 911. (It might have been Dave!) This time, Dave began shouting accusations of Goodman being a “gatekeeper,” as she walked to the stage, basically of her participation in the coverup of the Neocon equivalent of the Reichstag Fire. What can I say, I agree, but I’d rather hope there are bigger fish to heckle. But none really are accessible, are they? So Amy Goodman was Dave’s mark and he was determined to interrupt her speech sooner than wait his turn to ask her pointed questions in person.

What happened however, was that KRCC staff came to herd Dave away. They surrounded him, to quiet his tone and engage him, probably it’s fair to say, by distraction. But he evaded them, trying to get into a videographer’s camera angle. Eventually one of the smaller of the radio staff, a small woman, got in his face, and Dave was gesturing against her with his index finger and speaking with such ferocity that spit was flying. He didn’t purposely spit on her, but word went around that he had, and for the rest of the staff that was enough. Picking on a small woman is going too far, although no one noted that Dave is a pretty small guy himself. They were probably equally matched. But I can add that I’ve come against this woman myself, and she holds no punches when it comes to patronizing sarcasm.

But I am biased in a couple familiar matters. Number one, I can sympathize with being up against this radio staff who will positively broke no alternate view. They are rigid in their sense of what their role is in the community. They seek to generate no complaints. They fear listeners who complain about something being changed. Listeners who complain about something they’d like to see changed, are addressing nothing the radio station has done, the input is uninvited. If allowed to lead to change, most certainly it will generate counter complaints. Ergo, no go. Also, almost uniformly, the radio staff are uninterested in the complexity of news issues. They therefore have no empathy for those who would contend with their news.

I wondered if the radio staff saw the irony that by stepping in to stop Dave, they were being gatekeepers too. Probably they do not even understand the term. They are protecting their little non-profit, “like anything, we have to run it like a business,” and don’t want to jeopardize being able to do what they do. For them it’s enough to be somebody’s favorite little station, as opposed to fighting the good fight, or saving the world. In their own way, with music shows, they do that. But others, who see the potential of their power, guarded for official use only, see the guards as gatekeepers.

I don’t blame the radio staff for calling security on Dave, and I do believe they handled him as gently and as reasonably as they could. I only wish they might have shown some sympathy afterward, instead of treating him like a loon.

In a second fashion, I really feel for Dave. He’s up against everyone, and it’s not his fault. Dave has studied the evidence, he refuses to live in the darkness of a dark lie, and he wants to make the truth known. Who doesn’t want that? And so he has to break the surface, disrupt everyone’s tidy and comfortable world view. And when a newsperson with the capability to reach millions stops by in the flesh, Dave has to try to get to her conscience. It’s not like Amy Goodman has not studied the 911 controversy. It’s not like a private conversation would have enlightened her to an unearthed development. Dave had to haunt her like a telltale heart, and hope that at the next appearances someone else of like-minded 911 spirit would haunt her there. Until I suppose, she would resolve to broach the subject once more on the air, and again and again, until the truth was exposed. This is what I imagine to be Dave’s hope.

I have another friend in that camp, who was thankfully more civil, and came away thinking perhaps eventually Amy Goodman would be an ally. I had to agree. I speculated with him what might have been her answer to Dave, if she’d been forced to give him a candid answer, which no doubt she is not free to give.

Here’s what we figured Yoda would tell Dave:

Many are the 911 Truth seekers, but greater are the forces behind the official 911 Commission Report. The official channels, have they, and the institutions and the mouthpieces, and the means to present the truth tellers as crazy ill-mannered maniacs (you Dave). Even exploit the inevitably real crazies to full effect they can, and paint the rest by association. Not enough 911 Truth soldiers are there with which to mount an attack. But other battles to fight, there are. Throw our energies into those arenas, we must.

Someday historians will sort this out. The truth behind historic events is never for contemporaries to know. Knowledge is power. Are you in power? The real knowledge then, was not yours. Believe what you want, but suffer the fate of Galileo if you insist on trying to shake the system to its destruction. Galileo tried to put the very infallibility of the church to flame. Hard to blame them for threatening to burn him. Be satisfied with knowing.

Dave, I think you are right. I’m a far less audacious man than you. I’m not much of a friend when I can’t step in to support you, although I can try to explain afterward that you are neither crazy, nor dangerous. You are plenty rude, but you are a likable, well motivated person, looking out for the well being of all.

6 thoughts on “Dave and 911 fail Dale Carnegie at KRCC

  1. Dave and you are obsessed with 9/11, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why, Eric? There is no capital letter TRUTH that must be uncovered that will cause the House of Neocons to fall, because that’s just not how it works at all. To think that way is akin to those who walk around with the JESUS gleam in their eyes.

    There are no 9/11 TRUTHkeepers’ pitted against ‘9/11 TRUTHseekers’, as you put it, Eric. There are simply those racked with the political obsessive compulsive 9/11 disorder and those who are not.

    Dave is an evangelical, and evangelicals annoy other people with their evangelicalism. It was hardly a KRCC goon squad that had to deal with Dave, but ordinary people.

    Dave was no ‘Galileo’ at the Amy Goodman event. I was there, and saw that he was no “Galileo with my own eyes and ears. He was an evangelist who convinced nobody with his semi-political theology… make that semi-literate political theology.

  2. First of all, I’d like to thank Eric for writing what he did. Overall,
    I’ll say that his version of events is reasonably fair and balanced,
    though not every detail of what happened once I was entirely surrounded
    by the KRCC goon squad is completely accurate (her hand was directly in
    my face, over my mouth, in some kind of half-virtual half-physical
    shushing attempt). If only it’d been slightly less windy, and I’d been
    holding up a sign to which the KRCC mob treatment would have attracted added
    attention, I would not have minded quite so much them behaving similarly
    to Nazi youth.

    Second of all, I’d provided Eric with some 9/11-related info over the
    years, but I don’t recall him getting back to me on any of it, so to
    see him publicly refer to me as his friend was another unexpected
    pleasure, given that that’d been our main point of contact, and I’d
    never had too much indication if he was just tolerating me or really
    appreciated what I was trying to say about 9/11.

    Third of all, I would like to thank Eric for linking to my exculpatory
    9/11 evidence web site http://911blimp.net — just some evidence which
    makes it difficult-to-impossible to go on blaming 9/11 on “Muslim
    hijackers”. So thanks a lot, Eric — you might not believe how many
    people there are in the so-called 911 truth movement who say they want
    the truths of 9/11 to come out, but who will not mention or link to
    any hijacker-exculpatory evidence or 9/11 web sites which present
    (or even link to) it!

    It was not my intent to — nor do I believe I did — interrupt Amy
    Goodman’s snoozer of a speech (she told us that the U.S. goverment has
    apologized for locking up U.S. civilians of Japanese descent during WW
    II!). I was a perfect gentleman at an Amy Goodman appearance at Shove
    Chapel years ago, and I politely waited until her book-signing line was
    down to the last 2 and I quietly inquired if I might speak with her
    about 9/11. She basically fled the scene. So on Sunday, at an outdoor
    event, I thought that, in the interests of democracy someday, it
    wouldn’t be a bad thing if everyone in attendance was aware of the
    possibility that there might be a reason to not adore Amy Goodman so
    thoroughly that they were permanently unable to ever think anything
    negative about such a nice sweet young girl who was making such a name
    for herself by supposedly fighting the establishment and supposedly
    telling us all what the MSM was keeping from us.

    If Dale Carnegie could have accomplished that in a superior fashion
    to my first-ever attempt at such a thing, then I regret that I never
    took that course.

    Eric, please read the following paragraphs and reconsider the statement
    that “The truth behind historic events is never for contemporaries to know.”
    as I’m sure I’m on to some truths, if not “The” truth. While I’m the first
    to point out that I cannot prove what did happen on 9/11, I sure can prove
    that the official account is impossibly false and thus, if we are honest,
    needs to be rejected, even without any superior theory to take its place.
    Ridding ourselves, here and now, of the lies which have spread like disease
    through our minds is all to the good if we want democracy. Knowledge IS
    power, but, further: with knowledge comes responsibility (hence the many
    ‘leaders’ and supposed truth-tellers struggling to maintain the appearance
    of being ignorant of the big-lie-busting 9/11 evidence). As Orwell
    told us, lies of omission are the worst.

    Tony, I’m not an evangelist, and I had practically zero opportunity to
    convince anyone of anything at the event. But I can help you, if you’re
    amenable, in figuring out 9/11. Framing, as always, is important, and
    if you cannot see that “19 guys with boxcutters did all that” is a
    conspiracy theory (I know, it’s an incredibly lame one, but it is a CT)
    then you’ll probably always be looking/barking up/down the wrong tree.

    I studied — majored in — physics at CC, decades ago, back when the
    physics department also permitted alumni and [even required] students
    to engage in weekly discussions of physics as it related to any and
    all matters of social and physics importance. Alas, that is not only
    no longer the case, it is no longer permitted there.

    I’m not Galileo, though I may now have some insights into what he
    went through in disseminating his this-changes-everything information.
    Whether or not I do, however, I definitely have keen insights into
    Galileo’s this-changes-everything information itself. (I’m a physicist;
    I’ve studied and mastered the physics and arithmetic of simple linear
    acceleration.) In all probability, without even knowing what steel,
    aluminum, airplanes, or jet fuel are, Galileo would have seen through
    the government’s WTC collapse theory (provided, of course, he was not
    overly/permanently shocked and awed by it). I’ve written an article
    regarding how Galileo’s world-changing information pertains to 9/11.
    You can find it here: http://911blimp.net/prf_FreeFallPhysics.shtml

    I am something of a dot-connector. I have connected the dots on the
    evidence which indicates the presence of temperatures hotter than the
    surface of the sun (IOW, at least 10s of thousands of degrees, across
    widespread regions) at “”Ground Zero””: http://911u.org/Physics/ (this
    means we can rule out all explanations involving conventional chemical
    energy sources [ie, “explosives”] as being adequate to account for the
    evidence — so why isn’t anyone wondering about the
    unconventional/exotic source of so much surplus energy? Do we all have
    more energy than we know what to do with, or what?) The previous link
    told us that the government’s collapse theory is impossible; this link
    gives good indication of just how very very very impossible it truly is.

    Like Sherlock Holmes solving a crime by noting the non-barking of a dog,
    We The People must be capable of noticing and connecting some missing
    dots (especially once pointed out to us) if we wish to hang on to any
    semblance of the Constitution. Unfortunately, our elected ‘leaders’
    (take, for example, Queen of Collusion Nancy “impeachment is off the
    table” Pelosi) cannot be made to notice certain things, but that is yet
    another connectable missing dot…

    See, Tony, even if you insist upon clinging to the discredited disproven
    impossible Official Government Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 (you know, the
    one which posits/propagandizes that “19 really evil guys with boxcutters
    did all that”), that still cannot possibly account for President Bush’s
    repeated, public, voluntary, incriminating 9/11 witness statements (they
    indicate prior knowledge of 9/11 — whatever it was — at the highest
    level of the U.S. goverment), nor the ‘failure’ by all Democrats to
    acknowledge/question/challenge the loose-lips-sink-ships statements!
    http://911blimp.net/graphics/DISAdenial2.gif – DoD response to FOIA req

    But — hey — that’s OK. We all knew, in order for 9/11 to be as
    false as some people always suspected/knew, that there would have
    to be at least one lie bigger than 9/11 in effect in order for the
    lies of 9/11 to be kept covered up. Terribly disappointing, sure,
    but we honest truth-hunters take truths wherever we find them:
    Democrats are fake, phony, compromised, staged ‘opposition’ to
    Republicans. And, guess what?: It turns out they have been, since
    before most of us were born:

    Amy Goodman doesn’t want you — or anyone else — to know that, any
    more than the MSM (or Alex Jones or any other gatekeeper) wants you
    to know that.

    So even if you can’t get with the program on 9/11, please get with the
    program on the ongoing covert domestic bipartisan [sic] subversion of
    the U.S. Constitution, Tony. (Why haven’t Dems been rubbing Rep/neocon
    noses in http://911blimp.net/graphics/BogusNigerUraniumDocs.gif for
    years already, holding those crude forgeries which ‘fooled’ a superpower
    up to public scorn and ridicule? Evidently Dems have impotent web sites
    because Dems are not honest political opposition to Reps.)

    Does learning that we only have staged/fake democracy (an adult
    intellectual political version of professional wrestling) in this
    country go hand-in-hand with the hider of no-democracy-revealing
    truths calling her show “Democracy Now”, or am I just becoming jaded?


  3. Dave, the problem isn’t that people are lacking information about 9/11. It is that they are completely and utterly closed to the possibility that the U.S. government was behind it. You could sit them down and give them a one-on-one tutorial, provide them with irrefutable evidence (think O.J. trial!), show them videotape of secret planning meetings and, still, they will never accept that world leaders have been planning for decades to bring us to the point at which we find ourselves today.

    To confront truth requires eyes to see and ears to hear, as well as reliable information. While you may provide the latter, the American public doesn’t have what it takes to hear truth, nor enough knowledge of history to understand that this isn’t the first time a government has turned on its citizens.

    I applaud your efforts. You will reach some people and, over time, maybe the truth will slowly sink into our national psyche. But there will never be a public outcry.

  4. The X-Files…

    I know that this case is important to you, Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, but I am ordering you to not delve deeper into the details of this case! Case is closed, and I am giving you a different assignment. You are not to go and make contact with Amy Goodman again. Do you hear? Now get out of my office now!

    And and a word of personal advice. You are making yourselves look silly. Take a vacation from your obsession with 9/11. For your own sakes.

    Doo, doo, doo…doo, doo,doo (music from The Outer Limits)

  5. Tony, are you for real?

    If you read Dave’s post, you’d realize that the failure to consider 9/11 is tantamount to A)ignoring some exotic unknown source of (‘free’?) energy, and B)ignoring the fact that Dems are and long have been fake phony staged ‘opposition’ to Reps.

    That’s real-world, not TV-land, Tony.

    Just because Hitler was evidently right about the power of The Big Lie (that most people’s reptilian brain will, when properly stimulated, totally overwhelm their intellect), and many people still seem to be permanently mindfucked by the one known as 9/11, does not mean that the rest of us should just throw in the towel on the Constitution.

  6. Yo Group,
    Wow! Tony, I must agree with you this time. Amy G is a neocon protector. Time for Dave to chill out, get rid of the funny metal hat and lose the bad vibes. Everyone in the whole world knows it was NOT the us governament who crashed those AC’s. You saw this person try to disrupt Amy G & what he says about her. Eric, surely you are with the Dave. Amy G & goons. Wow, what a joke this Dave has fallen for. Neocon did it. Funny how we get the blame for everything. Must be more powerfull than a speeding train, leap a tall building ahhhhhhh sound like Dave, huh.

    Tony, you & Amy are right on this one. Yep surprised me. Guess there is hope for you, Eric……story is still out. Dave & 911 student, dudes people are hungry in the world. Put your time in on this and forget the 911 silly stuff. Your government is not perfect but this….. ahhhhh.
    your favoright neocon, retired army combat vet officer & Texican

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