Mao’s Chinese Revolution responsible for China’s fast capitalist growth today

Communist Revolution
Many Americans don’t like to think about it this way (or admit it), but without the Mao Zedong led Chinese Revolution, China would not be doing as well as it is today. Because of the Chinese Revolution, China was able to free itself from the domination and control of other nations, and this has led to today’s large and still growing Chinese economy and today’s relatively stable government.

As comparison, take the Indian sub-continent, which was in a better state than was China post World War II. Today, this region has been torn asunder into three separate countries, two of which almost had a nuclear war between themselves, and one of which today is pretty much directly under US thumb. Also, one of these three countries, Bangladesh is the country most likely to be flooded by global warming, and the entire Indian sub-continent region continues to be torn by multiple regional, ethnic, religious, caste, and sectarian strife.

China today is a power that has the recourses to partially stand up to the US superpower, that wants to make all subordinate to its own needs. Thank the Mao Zedong led Chinese Revolution for that. It is not a nation that is totally servile to the mainstream capitalist world structure.

One cannot make too many apologies for China’s ruling group though, as they have now turned away from having any planned economy at all after some absolutely horrendous actions of Mao Zedong post Chinese Revolution. We are talking mainly about the deadly so-called ‘Cultural Revolution’, which was a giant murderous step backward, an action that actually destroyed both culture and economy, as well as much innocent individual life. It was the first step in China’s current Counter Revolution towards the restoration of the brutality of Capitalism in that country.

Despite the advances in economic life made in China due to its relative freedom from imperialist control, the current capitalist future looks grim for the Chinese. Ecologically the economy is being marched down a dead end alley. Yet is that not the fate of the entire world under capitalist domination? We can only wish the Chinese the best in the years ahead. They deserve it after what their society has been through.

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